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[Today at 12:43:28 AM] Wonderingraven: I don't think i have the starter power on 

[Today at 12:43:59 AM] Wonderingraven: oh nvm i should because the crank moved

[Today at 05:07:43 AM] SchizophrenicMC: Maybe I should be a Subaru guy 

[Today at 05:07:55 AM] SchizophrenicMC: Don't believe their marketing- every car they make is RWD

[Today at 10:33:24 AM] Wonderingraven: it is what most techs drive

[Today at 10:34:00 AM] Wonderingraven: and the perks of joining that kool kids klub

[Today at 10:35:54 AM] Wonderingraven: which I believe last time I was next to any flat4 member they don't really talk to non subi people. 

[Today at 10:36:08 AM] Wonderingraven: and a bit on the elitist side

[Today at 10:39:50 AM] Wonderingraven: they are good cars regardless 

[Today at 02:02:26 PM] Wonderingraven: I guess it is a common thing with rebuilding vg's is the hardness of turning the crank is common till it breaks in 

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Vehicle 1984 Nissan S12
Dynocenter GT Auto GArage
BHP 269.00 hub
Torque 359.50 hub
Boost 15.00 PSI
Nitrous 0 Shot
Peakpoint 6000.000 RPM
Date Created December 2nd, 2010, 2:37 am
Date Updated December 2nd, 2010, 2:37 am
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