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[09:48:10 AM / 21-Jul-16 ] SchizophrenicMC: I guess he wasn't as impressed as he thought he'd be

[09:48:35 AM / 21-Jul-16 ] iceageg: hahaha.  i missed it.  time to dig it up

[09:48:40 AM / 21-Jul-16 ] SchizophrenicMC: lol

[09:48:57 AM / 21-Jul-16 ] SchizophrenicMC: Yeah he bought it sight unseen from a dude in Arizona, and had it shipped up to Oregon

[09:49:31 AM / 21-Jul-16 ] SchizophrenicMC: Anyway I gotta go do some s13 stuff

[09:50:53 AM / 21-Jul-16 ] iceageg: not seeign the exchange.  wonder what he decided he didnt like about the car

[09:59:49 AM / 21-Jul-16 ] kelso840: They are kind of underwhelming in stock form. They look aggressive, sure, but I'd by today's standards most people would be disappointed.

[10:09:16 AM / 21-Jul-16 ] Redneck: I vaguely remember that thread Schizo haha. No doubt about it though that is a pristine example. The silver seems like a rarer color too, atleast on the 84 turbos.

[12:31:46 PM / 22-Jul-16 ] ndd: Saw a s12 hatch mk1 primer black on way to work lots of front camber near Kalamazoo Michigan rare sight !

[12:34:00 PM / 22-Jul-16 ] ndd: So rare it's nice to see one on the road! Don't know if he is member here

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Hilite Image
Vehicle 1984 Nissan S12
Dynocenter GT Auto GArage
BHP 269.00 hub
Torque 359.50 hub
Boost 15.00 PSI
Nitrous 0 Shot
Peakpoint 6000.000 RPM
Date Created December 2nd, 2010, 2:37 am
Date Updated December 2nd, 2010, 2:37 am
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