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[01:18:45 AM / 28-Aug-14 ] Wonderingraven: i need to replace the fuel injector connectors first

[01:18:47 AM / 28-Aug-14 ] Wonderingraven: lol

[09:17:38 AM / 28-Aug-14 ] SchizophrenicMC: My KA can have the A/C running, turn the steering wheel to lock, and have the lights and radio on at idle, no problem. 

[09:17:40 AM / 28-Aug-14 ] SchizophrenicMC:

[10:00:12 AM / 28-Aug-14 ] SchizophrenicMC: "body is in great shape"

[04:26:45 PM / 28-Aug-14 ] JonB: That almost made sense

[07:20:17 PM / 28-Aug-14 ] Romero: blue title?

[07:23:58 PM / 28-Aug-14 ] JonB: It's at the machine shop, they're holding it, its in that parking lot, its $600. It doesn't really make sense

[07:24:57 PM / 28-Aug-14 ] JonB: The engine is in pieces inside the car...

[07:25:38 PM / 28-Aug-14 ] JonB: I just don't get it. He can prove that he has the title, but if he can't find it, he will cut a deal for less - no title

[11:16:24 PM / 28-Aug-14 ] SchizophrenicMC: He's OP, basically

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Vehicle 1984 Nissan S12
Dynocenter GT Auto GArage
BHP 269.00 hub
Torque 359.50 hub
Boost 15.00 PSI
Nitrous 0 Shot
Peakpoint 6000.000 RPM
Date Created December 2nd, 2010, 2:37 am
Date Updated December 2nd, 2010, 2:37 am
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