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[07:58:32 PM / 30-Oct-14 ] s12_200zx: Schizo...Hit me up if you have a recommendation

[07:58:38 PM / 30-Oct-14 ] s12_200zx: doing some head work

[08:22:40 PM / 30-Oct-14 ] my12: where ca i find the front lip to my S12 in houston or surounding cities 

[08:22:51 PM / 30-Oct-14 ] my12: i need one really bad

[11:02:46 AM / 31-Oct-14 ] Basic: home depot

[11:02:55 AM / 31-Oct-14 ] Basic: lawn edging

[Today at 01:18:43 AM] Belphegor: yo guys

[Today at 01:22:49 AM] Belphegor: everyone loggedoff lol

[Today at 01:30:55 AM] Belphegor: trying to change my wiper on my s12. wiper arm only bends so far. i cant seem to

[Today at 01:31:24 AM] Belphegor: bend it all the way to pull the wiper blasdes out.

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Vehicle 1984 Nissan S12
Dynocenter GT Auto GArage
BHP 269.00 hub
Torque 359.50 hub
Boost 15.00 PSI
Nitrous 0 Shot
Peakpoint 6000.000 RPM
Date Created December 2nd, 2010, 2:37 am
Date Updated December 2nd, 2010, 2:37 am
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