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[Today at 12:23:12 PM] Wonderingraven: there is a few posts on zilvia on the ka20

[Today at 01:39:49 PM] SchizophrenicMC: The KA20 has the same bore as the KA24, just de-stroked to 86mm vs 94mm or whatever it is

[Today at 01:40:15 PM] SchizophrenicMC: I don't know if they did that by cutting the deck or if they did it by lengthening the piston.

[Today at 02:41:42 PM] JonB: 86 vs 89mm bores?

[Today at 10:51:37 PM] SchizophrenicMC: Both KAs have the same bore

[Today at 10:51:40 PM] SchizophrenicMC: Just different strokes

[Today at 11:09:08 PM] JonB: If it were 89x89 it'd be 2.2

[Today at 11:10:50 PM] JonB: If you put the 2.0 crank in the 2.4 block; 2.1

[Today at 11:26:51 PM] SchizophrenicMC: It's 86x86

[Today at 11:26:53 PM] SchizophrenicMC: 2.0l

[Today at 11:27:06 PM] SchizophrenicMC: The 2.4 is like 86x93

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Hilite Image
Vehicle 1984 Nissan S12
Dynocenter GT Auto GArage
BHP 269.00 hub
Torque 359.50 hub
Boost 15.00 PSI
Nitrous 0 Shot
Peakpoint 6000.000 RPM
Date Created December 2nd, 2010, 2:37 am
Date Updated December 2nd, 2010, 2:37 am
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