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[10:33:13 PM / 26-May-16 ] fat_210_guy: I drive like an old woman and I'm cheap, for forget the GTR.

[10:33:32 PM / 26-May-16 ] fat_210_guy: A nice, slow RWD Skyline coupe with a 2-liter straight-six and a 5-speed would be perfect.

[11:50:11 PM / 26-May-16 ] Wonderingraven: I think at this time, I would just find a true rs-x s12 

[03:17:34 AM / 27-May-16 ] 85_200sx: Hey guys im haveing a timing issue with my ca20e everthing i read says its a nightmare

[08:03:24 AM / 27-May-16 ] iceageg: There are several threads that have good clear details.  There is too much to it for the shoutbox to explain

[08:03:44 AM / 27-May-16 ] iceageg: start a thread if you need more info than you can find

[08:07:45 AM / 27-May-16 ] s12_200zx: reconfigured the timing to approximately 10 degrees btdc and the bitch is running much better

[08:08:37 AM / 27-May-16 ] s12_200zx: blue and black smoke has mostly cleared

[08:09:41 AM / 27-May-16 ] s12_200zx: Im sure w/ an oil change and about 50 miles of HW driving, all should be square again

[06:53:02 PM / 27-May-16 ] iceageg: fingers crossed for ya

Author Topic: S12 Intercooler  (Read 557 times)

Offline S12Drift

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S12 Intercooler
« on: 11:05:23 AM / 28-Mar-06 »
I am looking for an intercooler for my 1985 ca18et 200sx i really dont know what kind i need but i need something for cheap before my car asplodes from overheating.

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Offline erik_200sxdrift

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S12 Intercooler
« Reply #1 on: 03:21:55 PM / 28-Mar-06 »
i got one from a volvo,  let me know if you want it
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