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[09:08:23 PM / 17-Apr-14 ] JonB: I often wonder what the build of a person is who needs a factory seat designed the way they are

[09:08:45 PM / 17-Apr-14 ] JonB: Big square ass

[09:13:40 PM / 17-Apr-14 ] JonB: I shouldn't pick though. My dad literally couldn't fit in my crappy s12 seat. He was ridding on his hips - his but never actually touched the seat I don't think. And he not that big

[09:15:33 PM / 17-Apr-14 ] JonB: I have my bride I watch tv with. My buddy stopped over with his gf, I was waiting for her to try and sit in it - but she wouldn't bite.

[09:51:41 PM / 17-Apr-14 ] Basic: i have a couple of fake replica Nismo seats that I got with my s12. I am thinking of turning one of them into a video gaming chair and the other into a computer chair (or alternatively, selling it)

[10:31:11 PM / 17-Apr-14 ] SchizophrenicMC: I like the seats in my grand cherokee

[10:31:23 PM / 17-Apr-14 ] SchizophrenicMC: They're really comfortable and have great lumbar support which is awesome for my FUCKING BACK

[Today at 12:39:02 AM] Jay: I had a snide remark, but then I remembered how tall you were. Makes sense. *Cheekish grin*

[Today at 12:48:55 AM] SchizophrenicMC: You're no taller, JAke

[Today at 02:37:30 AM] Jay: Exactly why I can harp on you about it <3

Author Topic: S12 Intercooler  (Read 385 times)

Offline S12Drift

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S12 Intercooler
« on: 11:05:23 AM / 28-Mar-06 »
I am looking for an intercooler for my 1985 ca18et 200sx i really dont know what kind i need but i need something for cheap before my car asplodes from overheating.

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Offline erik_200sxdrift

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S12 Intercooler
« Reply #1 on: 03:21:55 PM / 28-Mar-06 »
i got one from a volvo,  let me know if you want it
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