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[11:15:03 PM / 23-Nov-14 ] sick86s12: Hey did you bye any chance have stuff for sale I'm alwas looking for stuff for my s12

[11:44:00 PM / 23-Nov-14 ] SchizophrenicMC: No, nobody has stuff for your junk.

[Today at 12:03:56 AM] sick86s12: That's real nice dude

[Today at 12:12:40 AM] SchizophrenicMC: I'm a regular Saint Nick

[Today at 12:13:01 AM] sick86s12: That's kool

[Today at 12:14:33 AM] SchizophrenicMC: Actually I might have a spare turboencabulator for an S12

[Today at 12:14:59 AM] SchizophrenicMC: Now that I think about it

[Today at 09:45:09 AM] Xano: Monthly backup has been taken and saved offsite, happy November everyone.

[Today at 11:19:16 AM] SchizophrenicMC: Go Xano

[Today at 11:32:08 AM] Basic: Woohoo

Author Topic: S12 Intercooler  (Read 425 times)

Offline S12Drift

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S12 Intercooler
« on: 11:05:23 AM / 28-Mar-06 »
I am looking for an intercooler for my 1985 ca18et 200sx i really dont know what kind i need but i need something for cheap before my car asplodes from overheating.

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Offline erik_200sxdrift

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S12 Intercooler
« Reply #1 on: 03:21:55 PM / 28-Mar-06 »
i got one from a volvo,  let me know if you want it
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