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Author Topic: [ON,Canada] 1987 200sx 5 speed  (Read 439 times)

Offline Millyissosilly

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[ON,Canada] 1987 200sx 5 speed
« on: 09:05:03 PM / 23-Nov-16 »
Seeing if anyone wants my car become a little much for me. Still trying to fix it but want to see if anyone wants to throw money at me for it.

around 120,000 kms
5 speed
rust is not bad considering its Canada

things wrong(that i know of)
-needs MAF
-transmission knocks
-missing valve stem keeper ( just ordered some ill probably be putting it on soon )
- back right wheel well half bondo job.
- cracked vacuum lines

Pictures are from when i bought it. let me know it you want more.

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Offline slice_n_dice_14

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Re: [ON,Canada] 1987 200sx 5 speed
« Reply #1 on: 11:11:34 PM / 24-May-17 »
Is it still available? I PM'ed you