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Author Topic: digital speedometer issues  (Read 100 times)

Offline deucekazoo

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digital speedometer issues
« on: 10:31:28 AM / 12-Apr-17 »
The other things on the gauge cluster work its just the speed numbers work sometimes and sometimes it just shows 0. I cleaned the connector at the sending unit and that did not really do anything. I will try to trouble shoot it this weekend but was wondering if anyone had this issue and if they had any recommendations where to start or what to look at. I think my issue might be at the cluster itself. Sometimes when I hit a larger bump it started to work but now it does not. Its more at 0 than showing the speed. It actually showed fine for a few weeks. Also I did get it to work yesterday for a little while but when I was just sitting still it was jumping between 2 and 5 mph. Never had that happen. On the way to work this morning it worked fine, but drove it again and its back to 0 at all times. Any help or hints appreciated.

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Offline Cajun1guy

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Re: digital speedometer issues
« Reply #1 on: 01:42:53 PM / 12-Apr-17 »
Is the drive cable to the sensor intact? I had to go through several speed sensors before I got one that worked. They are scarce, don't know if Rock Auto has them but they have a lot of stuff that I did not think was out there.

Offline S12_Lifer

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Re: digital speedometer issues
« Reply #2 on: 11:15:07 PM / 12-Apr-17 »
Common problem with the digi dash.  Bad speed sensor.  I have a couple.  Send me an email.