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Title: Solid axle springs & shocks
Post by: Candellan on 11:04:30 PM / 14-Nov-05
I finally fitted the Kings springs to my car details below (also see this thread - AUS12[/a] ):

Rear Springs: Kings Springs Low (in a Formula Springs box from Fulcrum Suspension) - Part #FHRL-80
Approx spring dimensions (note: unfitted, free standing): 330mm (high) x 114mm (round - outside) x 11mm (coil thickness)
Springs also fit a Honda Legend KA3 Coupe (88-91)

King Springs also sag less than other brands. I\'ve seem an AE86 with TRD springs sag 1/2\" more & a Chaser with Apexi springs about the same. I\'ve fitted these & they\'re just captive (I could pull the old ones out without using spring compressors with the shocks in place).

Rear Shocks: I bought the shocks below & they don\'t fit unfortunatly. On the up side I already have a good pair of silver KYB shocks in the car. They\'re gas & non-adjustable but seem plenty stiff.

Rear shocks for late model turbo solid axle S12 (I didn\'t know there was such a thing??) - Koni Red (internally adjustable) - Part #80-2567 (NOTE: These do not fit the early model).

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