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Title: Vg30e Swap Into '86 S12 W/ Ca20e
Post by: NashvilEric on 08:42:16 PM / 13-Mar-07
Hi everyone! I'm new. I'm in Rochester, NY. I recently bought an 86 s12 with a ca20e and fab'd rear strut towers that fit s13 suspension components. I got it from a guy who said it was from Florida. It's a beautiful rust-free car, and a blast to drive. I've been watching this forum since. The exhaust shit the bed a week ago (it snapped at the midpipe, and now the muffler is in AutoZone's trash can). I've been looking at exhaust options since.

I'm writing now because I found a guy at a muffler shop who has a vg30e he wants to get rid of. He says it's out of an '84 300zx and it includes a Borg Warner 5spd tranny, ECU, MAF, and some of the harness. I remember reading that this is one of the doable swaps.

I spent 2 hours before writing this looking at what has been written so far on the subject, and I just want to be clear on what I'm in for before I purchase this engine kit. First of all, do you all think I should, for $200?

What will be involved in the swap? What needs to be custom/modified? As I understand it, I'm looking at Crossmember, Mounts, Shifter placement, and exhaust all being custom or from other vehicles. Plus whatever I have to do to get a good wiring harness. Am I missing anything?

I'm new to this, but want a big project as a way to learn as much as I can. What am I in for?

Thanks for all the help!
Title: Vg30e Swap Into '86 S12 W/ Ca20e
Post by: Spooled on 06:16:59 PM / 15-Mar-07
Well, you've got a good start for what you need.  For $200, that's a pretty good deal, since it includes the long as the motor and tranny are in good shape.  Other things you need - the oil pan from a VG30e out of an S12.  The Z31 oil pan will not work with the V6 S12 crossmember.  Does the motor come with accessories, such as the ECU, and MAF sensor?  If not, use a Z31 ECU and MAF.  You'll also need the exhaust manifolds from a VG30e out of an S12, unless you make headers instead.  There are no currently known headers that will fit a VG30 S12.  You can use Z31 headers and modify the rear primaries on each side to fit the S12 chassis instead.  You'll also need to have a custom driveshaft made.  That's all I can think of right now.  I'm sure there is a bit more, but not too much.
Title: Vg30e Swap Into '86 S12 W/ Ca20e
Post by: NashvilEric on 06:43:48 PM / 15-Mar-07
Ooof! I was right with you until you said I need a new driveshaft. I thought I'd be able to do something like the ka swap (tranny guts moved to new bellhousing) to keep the same one driveshaft. Thanks for the overview though, that was great.

I just found out the motor is a turbo. It has the MAF and ECU. The wiring harness is shredded in a few places. I understand that the turbo adds a to the motor's depth and requires some pounding out of the firewall. Is there anything else involved?

How involved (read: expensive) is a drive shaft fabrication?

I'm almost thinking go with the ka swap instead... this motor is such a great deal though, it's hard to pass up!! Someone else here want to buy it, and ease my conscience?