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Title: Welcome To The Old Club-s12 Garage
Post by: Indecisive on 01:26:20 PM / 29-Jul-07
Hi everybody, as per your requests, here's a forum to update everybody on your car(s).  This place won't be limited to S12s only.  If you've got other cars, feel free to post those up as well.

There's only a few guidelines we want everybody to follow:

1) Keep everything in one thread.  If you made a post in June, and want to make another one in July, go find your old thread and update it.  You can also update the title yourself to let people know when the last update was

example: Indy's CA18DET S12 *updated July 29, 2007*

2) Keep this forum clean and don't be a jerk.  If you don't like what somebody has done, don't say anything or give CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms.

3) Please try to upload your images elsewhere, there are tons of free image hosting websites now that you can use.

What I would suggest to everybody is after they make a thread, copy the link from the address bar, and put it in your signature (please format it correctly as well...)

Indy's Garage Thead (

Enjoy, and don't abuse.  

~Club-S12 Staff