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Title: Short Clip Of My Lil Nissy
Post by: Lynium on 10:40:07 PM / 23-Oct-08
heres a quick clip of me just doin a couple quick donuts i the nissy... its sooo hard to drive nice n behave on the way home from any kinda motorsports... i took a gravel road detour to bypass the miles of road onstruction i encountered on the way down... the tool car (a.K.a) my girlfriends car that i threw al my tools and our clothes and everything else into (cuz i didnt want it in there when i got there, and I wanted optimum fuel milage.. hers is a guzzler no matter what) anyways, she texted me to slow down n wait up, so i pulled over.. and waited.. and waited.. and finaly 10 mins later, she got to where i was.. hehe so i decided eh, quick vid! Iid been burnin around while board n waiting for her too...

anyways... enough babble.. nothing special, but ya can see me nissy in all its lacking glory... (
Title: Short Clip Of My Lil Nissy
Post by: Lynium on 01:05:25 PM / 26-Oct-08
Aight something new to add... a clip for the sake of the exhaust...
(My cheap little vid cam doesnt have good audio, but ya get the gist of it!) I think i went with a 2" or a 2 and 1/4" exhaust... (What ever the factory pipe size was after the collector.. replaced exhaust manifold gaskets, removed my gutted cat, and turned my lil 6" or so bottle around to the proper way... dumb idea! now its retardedly loud!
if you checkout my other vids, theres a mustange and camaro thta sound pretty loud n beefy... however my lil nissy is a good 3 times louder than both of em... not even joking here! (

and heres a clip of pulling the codes I made for my own referance for when i got home, and incase i started asking questions n pppl were like like so what "EXACTLY" did you do... ??? (