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Title: New to forum, new project
Post by: Chevypower on 02:31:52 AM / 31-Jan-11
Hey guys, new to this forum, considering taking up a new project. Would like to see what you guys think of it and any advice you may have to offer.
Basically I plan on doing a s12 with a 5.3L truck engine out of the newer chevy trucks bolted to a t56 and dropped into a 200sx.

S12 for the uniqueness, see s13 and s14 everyday but an s12 would have a lot of flavor.

Now, I know this has been done many times on s13 and s14s, but considering the size of the s12 in comparison it seems that I may run into problems.

For those of you unfamiliar with the LM7 5.3L truck engine its basically an under bored LS1 made out of iron instead of aluminum. They are cheap and plentiful, and make surprsingly good numbers for a very small amount of money. The t56 seems to be the tranny of choice when it comes to LS motors so I guess that's what I'd be using.

I briefly looked through the stickies and saw that moving the radiator support would be necessary to get the engine in there.
I also did a quick search, but nothing specific came up. Also, as I'm new, I haven looked through the forum rules and guidelines yet, but will next chance I get, I don't think I'm breakin any rules but Sorry if I do  :angel:

I know this would be a labor intensive project, it would definitely be a long term project, but I have the space and tools available to do it

I think clearance issues in the engine bay and transmission tunnel would be main issues.

The application would be a drift/road race set up.

Basically I'm looking to see if anyone has done any kind of LS swap into an s12, or perhaps another V8 motor, maybe a link to a thread covering a swap.

Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: Draconis on 04:26:52 AM / 31-Jan-11
Welcome man.  There are a few things that have been toyed with when it comes to an S12.  An LS swap is in the plans as we speak, a VH (V8) swap is being addressed as well in addition to one being done a while ago.  Hit up either Kyskater or IggyEGuana.  Or look for Silverbox, a Kiwi, who did a VH swap years ago.

What I can tell you when comparing an S12 bay to an S13 bay is that the basic dimensions are pretty much the same.  One of the issues you will find is that the frame rail though is angled slightly in the front ... slightly curved, but it should be after your motor mount setup/cross member so you shouldnt have to deal with it too much.  But the frame rail is different compared to that of an S13.  As moving the rad support... what do you mean by that exactly?  Wouldnt that be the front core support?  You dont really want to mess with that in my experience but you can obtain aftermarket radiators that fit within the core support so that it becomes hidden and frees up more room in the engine bay for you.  From what I am aware of, the dimensions you have to work with shouldnt be too bad.  The main issue will be clearance and the size of the transmission tunnel.  The transmission tunnel is either some massaging or cutting and rewelding.  As for the bonnet, that is something I cannot say anything about.  You may hit the bonnet at the front of the engine, but that is probably one of the easier issues to deal with.

I would definitely be down to meeting up with you and such when I head back to SoCal.  Sounds like a very interesting project for sure.  A couple of guys local to you who may be of lots of help and for parts are Justin/Eightsix200sx, Andrew/Caraudiofoolery or DemonicS12, and Andrew(2)/Maxpow.  They are quite active in the area and hook you up with a lot.  Then if Sterling (also his forum name) has time, he may help.  Justin and Andrew are regularly in contact with him, so again, they can help that way.  Good luck!
Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: Maxpow on 11:35:38 AM / 31-Jan-11
Yeah we are down to help. My friend was talking about doing this to a notch just the other day.

PS: Since you're in socal the best way to get on the socal guys good side is to ACTUALLY SHOW UP TO MEETS. since we have like 50 socal s12ers and only about 5 ever show up to meets. C'mon people!

Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: sideways_s12 on 11:45:22 AM / 31-Jan-11
Bottom line if it fits in a s13 it will fit in the s12 not too much of a difference in bay size also welcome....
Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: IggyEGuana on 03:20:09 AM / 01-Feb-11
this was my third, then first, then third option again before I sourced a VH.  Weight was my issue with the truck motor.  Its the same thing as an LS except heavier :p which made me want to get an LS instead but complete, ready to go, LS swaps are 4-5K and piecing it together will cost u just as much or more.  The ruck motor can be found i lot cheaper but you have to swap out the entire intake for it to fit under the hood.  And you need a front sump oil pan if it doesnt have it.  And people want a grip of cash for T56s.  I was sifting through a lot of other options too like carbed SBC setup, carbed ford 302, EFI ford 5.0, nissan's own VH45DE, toyota's 1UZFE, and of course just buying another CA18DET.  But I lucked out and got a 94 Q45 for dirt cheap so its my VH45DE donor car.  I'm not trying to discourage you from doing it.  I'd actually love to see what I missed out on.  I wanna see what it takes and how much it costs you.  More details the better.  Parts sources etc. Like any good build thread.  GL

Post Merge: 03:25:17 AM / 01-Feb-11
A while ago when i was looking, there was a complete LQ9 take out on craigslist for $750.  I did some research on it and found out what it would take to put it in the car.  People want a lot of money for corvette intakes and GTO oil pans.  not to mention the damn tranny.  Basically for me it was all about cost.  If you can get the parts for a great deal then GO FOR IT!  any V8 in an S12 is awesome
Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: Chevypower on 05:41:28 PM / 01-Feb-11
Thanks for the responses guys, I've been busy working on my DD, a 93 Vette with a V1 Vortech Charger on it, I need to order water meth, Lower it a bit more, fix some minor front end damage, get new shoes, and get a nice tune before I'd start this project.

I think I'm going to go through with this. I know my way around the 5.3, my first car was a truck, a 00 Silverado with a 5.3 and, I have connections to a few chevy yards.

I also considered the weight factor of the iron block, this car would definitely be top heavy, I'm pretty okay with that though, I'll do what I can to put extra things as far back as possible (fuel cell, battery, ect) but we shall see where this goes.

And an Lq9 for 750??? SOUNDS LIKE A DEAL TO ME
For what they are especially, before I sold my truck I was plannin on swapping an Lq4 In and charging it, but Lq motors are hot on the market right now, and usually pretty $$$$$
Maybe I'll find a late model F body donor car and just swap in the whole thing.
Anyway many plans, many plans.

After I order the water meth I'll probably start looking at some cars. I don't have any experience drifting, however plenty of road race track time at willow springs, I think what I'm going to do is find a decent runner, and just learn how to drive it right, mean while pick up a block and keep it on an engine stand get it ready, this is definitely going to be a long term, especially since I have my vette to take care of. I can source a pan out of a late model F body, i heard those work too, plenty of them in the yards, and, I actually plan on ordering a manifold from F.A.S.T, I haven't looked into them much but they are supposedly whats up right now as far as LS motor intakes go. Little more than a regular intake but they can make it more low profile and probably function better too.

I'll keep you guys posted, I'll be back when It's time to pick up a project.

Also came across this almost bought it, take a look might like it :D

And I realized I'm in the wrong section, maybe a moderator could move this thread?
Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: sideways_s12 on 06:57:13 PM / 01-Feb-11
Hahha sweet keep us updated bro....
Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: IggyEGuana on 11:48:10 PM / 01-Feb-11
Whaaa I want that Starlet! damn!
Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: Chevypower on 01:51:34 PM / 02-Feb-11
Yea it looks real clean, we are trying to get a friend who just totaled his in integra to get it.
good price, but the guy wont go lower, for 1500 I woulda had it by now.
Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: IggyEGuana on 02:55:16 PM / 02-Feb-11
ya.  its a starlet tho.  thats pretty low for a starlet.
Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: Chevypower on 02:57:31 PM / 02-Feb-11
No its a killer price no doubt. Just too many things that need money, one of those deals you gatta let go.
Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: IggyEGuana on 02:24:10 PM / 04-Feb-11
there are sooo many cars i want lmao.  theres a subie legacy GT 5 speed wagon on CL here.  I'm like aww that would be such a sick time attack wagon!! haha gotta let it go tho.  Bigger things to focus on
Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: EightySix200SX on 08:14:10 PM / 04-Feb-11
welcome pasadena eh! i use to live up in eagle rock im in the south bay now ill add you to the socal members list. any parts you may need be it OEM, USED, DEALER WHATEVER lmk i can work with ya
Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: Chevypower on 04:23:39 PM / 05-Feb-11
Oh awesome!

Title: Re: New to forum, new project
Post by: Wolf Dilworth on 10:55:21 PM / 05-Feb-11
Hmmm, Am-Asian Fusion, like raw steak on rice cakes, could be worth watchin fer sher...  Welcome and good luck.