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Title: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 08:55:55 PM / 01-Sep-11
It's been a while..a very long while infact, but I am the new owner of an 88 SE, formerly owned by Xano. It took over two weeks, and no joking 20 phone calls, but its here.

As you can see, there are no pictures at the moment. Time, isn't something I have a whole bunch of at the moment as im getting married in one week, and work is just takin up every other minute. That being said, pictures of the car in its current condition will be up within a few days. Here's whats needing done thus far...

Man, its a bit rough. Not a bunch of rust, rather the rear bumper was pushed in at some point, left front was hit at somepoint (it has an mki fender...), and the whole car has been flat-blacked. While the flat black fits the look/feel of the car...its not for me. I like my cars shiny and pretty, so i've got some work to do.
Ugh.  Screws through multiple panels, multiple panels missing (or at least not attached.) it smells, but that was kind of expected for a car thats been sitting for a bit. It's dirty, but Im not afraid of that. No radio, random toggle switches.
It does run, but is said to have 5th gear issues. plans are to pull the engine & trans after initial diagnosis. likely a re-gasket & clean of the motor, and a rebuild (or replacement) of the trans. Rear unknown, but it rolls so it can't be that bad?
-Suspension. I don't know yet. It appears to have new rear shocks, but there is a hellatious knocking noise under power (when letting the clutch out) in the rear. I drove it 25 feet into my garage more to come here. Its got aftermarket wheels..Not my style, but functional-ish (leaky).   

Again, there's more to come. I need to spend a few hours and go over the car with a fine tooth comb and make a list.

What are my plans? ? The short of it so far..
Back to Stock with body/sheetmetal, etc. Just make it look as its supposed to.
For now, Just get the VG running properly, with bolt-ons where possible (intake, exhaust, ignition, etc)
Make it handle!! Im workin my list, but im probably going to get the CM springs (worked great on my last SE), but this time get the proper struts/shocks. Poly bushings everywhere, other goodies.
Give it some braking power. My last one did good, I want better (cause i can..). I've already got some of the z31 front end stuff for brakes.

Ultimately, its just gonna be a leasure car. If i could get it to 250 whp, (ka-t..?), carve corners (my last one did, this one will be better), and look pretty..I would be happy.  Time will tell. Next update will be w/ photos, and inspection report.

Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: sam31183 on 01:37:16 AM / 02-Sep-11
i just went from canucks to coil overs and i am not sure what to do with my springs to be honest...i might keep them for a couple of weeks just to be sure i dont want to go back...but...maybe we can work something out. I am glad this thing is in good hands though!
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 09:29:37 PM / 05-Sep-11
Got some pics taken/uploaded.

A view from the front. Tested the headlights out after this pic. WAY up at the trees. If you look, you can see some body alignment issues.

Couple more body alignment issues can be seen here, as well as the MKI fender.

Front of the fender is mushed in a bit here, and the hood as well, should be able to be repaired though. pass side door handle is broken.

Missing some paint (not a worry), what you can't really see, is that the rear bumper support is pushed in. hey, the tail lights look good. just need to clean up the center piece.

Inside. every single dash vent is mising. poop. driver seat torn, and not very supportive on the bottom. original floor mat on this side.

Look at that steering wheel. still not sure if its staying though. 

Rear area. Missing a few little pices, but mostly there. not great condition, but ok for now.

Hey look, an engine. Its got lots of tears in the vacuum lines, a rusty air filter, and OEM ignition wires? any confirmation on that? they have the numbers printed on them.

Electric cooliong fans. I just need to make them temperature switched, not manually switched. easy peesy.

Still no time to fully check out the suspension/brakes. I can tell it needs some work, but the underside is pretty clean. both rear quarters need some attention, as the sunroof drains caused some small rust, but otherwise thats it. some surface rust on the rear crossmember, but again nothing major. It's cleaner underneath than my 2004 malibu, due to ohio salty winters.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jay on 11:25:16 PM / 05-Sep-11
He still owes me for that MKI fender too.
(I'll bet you he's forgotten)
And one of the door windows too.
(I'll bet you he's forgotten)
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: s12sweden on 05:31:31 PM / 06-Sep-11
black on that color is so fine , l hope your S12 SE goes as well too
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 02:12:45 PM / 08-Sep-11
I'm still up in the air as to what i will paint it. Heh. I'm not actually painting it, as I can't do that.

I'm leaning away from black, as i'm too particular, and all the littlest flaws would stick out. My last one was red, and thus far thats my color of choice. I've even though about doing a silver/black 2 tone, except switch the colors from OE, as in the silver for the upper, and black for the lower. But, a solid color is likely less expensive.

Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: seishuku on 10:59:02 PM / 08-Sep-11
Don't hint at a KA swap in a thread with an SE... People around here get bitchy about that sort of thing. :P
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jay on 11:11:21 PM / 08-Sep-11
Don't hint at a KA swap in a thread with an SE... People around here get bitchy about that sort of thing. :P
I can remedy that REALLY quickly.

Fuck VG's
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Wolf Dilworth on 11:17:51 PM / 08-Sep-11
Yeah!... fuck KA's
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 08:01:54 AM / 10-Sep-11
Hey, everyone has their own opinion about this motor in this car blah blah blah.

It's my car, therefore I'll do what i want. ka's are a dime a dozen (along with their parts) last time I looked around, So it just seems to be the way to go, should I decide I want a turbo'd 4 banger.

As much as i want to keep the SE in its oe form as far as the driveline goes, If there's an option that just works better, I'll do that. At this point, it's looking like a regasket of the stock motor, but thats pending a passing compression/leakdown test. If it doesn't pass...I'll cross that bridge when i get there.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: CamInHead on 03:11:20 PM / 10-Sep-11
Yeah!... fuck KA's

YEAH! AND FUCK S12S TOO!! Oh wait...
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Wolf Dilworth on 09:46:34 PM / 10-Sep-11
Obviously, some did not get the/my humor...  Oh well fuck it all.   >>>>LOL<<<<
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Shark808 on 10:51:08 PM / 10-Sep-11
His thread...
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Kustamogen on 03:29:43 AM / 11-Sep-11
I have a boner.....sorry
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: BattleFairy on 01:54:01 PM / 11-Sep-11
I have a boner.....sorry
you are easy to please, what?
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: SlickS12 on 02:10:37 PM / 11-Sep-11
Continuation of a dream is better than squashing it, good luck man!
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Xano on 12:29:58 AM / 17-Sep-11
1. Knocking noise is the rear subframe bushings, replace them with the Polyurethane ones I gave you from the Z31 shop. 
2. I do apologize for the shitty look, i had to daily drive this, it was my only car at the time :(
3. Rear springs and shocks are 6 months old.  Brand new front springs and shocks are somewhere in the mass of parts and stuffs I sent with it.
4. Probably OEM wires, I never touched them.
5. Go KA with it, that VG was slightly misfiring/would idle down and die at stoplights when I bought the thing.
6. I put 15k on a 500 dollar car, I'm content with what I got out of it.
7. Keep me in mind if you fix it up real nice, I may pay you 10x what you paid to get it back :P

I think my problem was, i ran out of time, and money, and space, and burned myself out due to working on my first VG as much as I did.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Colonel Gustard on 01:23:16 AM / 17-Sep-11
dont you dare swap in a KA instead of that VG, last guy that did had his blow
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jay on 02:43:21 AM / 17-Sep-11
dont you dare swap in a KA instead of that VG, last guy that did had his blow
Well yeah, Cuz he boosted it without a proper tune, and really not knowing what he was doing. Ignoring EVERYBODY'S advice.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 04:07:28 PM / 17-Sep-11
^^^ I remember reading through that. I however, am no fool. I know my way around a car. Moving on..

Thanks ben for the tips. I laughed my ass off when i saw the RTV/epoxy for subframe bushings. they do make noise, but the bigger noise is the exhaust. One thing. This one won't be sold. I'll be buried in it, lol. I should transfer the title.. (dont worry, its in a garage at the back of my yard.). The shocks/springs that are on it now aren't what im looking for, in terms of performance.

Spent a little time with the s12 today. wow. I still think the body work will be the most expensive part of this, largely due to the fact that i don't do well with bodywork, and can't weld for shit. I've got a partial list of what I need to do. here we go..

Exterior Bodywork
-Needs both front fenders
-Needs both exterior door handles
-Pass front window run channel (weatherstripping)
-Front bumper (may be able to get just the lower support and be ok)
-Both front marker lamps.
-LF inner fender liner
-Pass front window exterior trim (adhesive on it, ruined.)
-rear quarters need patched. (rusted)
-Lf corner pulled.
-Lf mirror housing
Interior Stuff
-2 complete door panels preferred, but driver side is workable
-driver window switch(works, but have to press hard, maybe rebuildable)
-passenger side window switch. (gone)
-carpet (not necessary, but something to get)
-all dash vents.
-steering wheel w/horn.
-rr ¼ window handle
Front suspension/brakes/steering
-Tension rod bushings
-stabilizer links and bar bushings
-cm springs
-tokico illumina(280zx) strut inserts
-bump steer spacers (280zx)
-z31 front brake conversion (already have calipers, hubs en route)
Rear Suspension
-cm springs
-tokico illumina (z31) Shocks
-subframe bushings
-brake pads n’ rotors(stock for now)
-rear e-brake cables.
-diff carrier bushing
-drop fuel tank, find leak (can smell it)
-Determine cause of cyl 1 misfire.
-replace rotted vac lines
-clean/repair/remove electrical harness(s)
-convert electric fans from manual to temp activated
-remove remaining a/c components (evap can stay in dash, unless dash is removed)
-replace exhaust from y-pipe back. Ceramic coating for manifolds, y-pipe?
-oxygen sensor.
-install pcv breather catch can, or back to stock.
-maintenance (T-belt, fluids, etc)
-install PS belt, does it work?!
-Why is 5th missing? (no engagement, but does grind)
-get rid of the clutch damper
-replace slave cylinder (just cause)
-evaluate clutch/flywheel when trans is out
-short/cut shifter. New knob.

This isn’t a complete list. I’ll say 90%. There’s still a few things I need to sort out. I think the rear hatch release cable is stretched as it won’t open without help. I need about 1000 screws, fasteners, and clips. So many are missing. I need to remove the stuff that’s attached to the interior plastics. (cup holder, fan switch, etc.) and have it repaired (I have someone lined up already, she does amazing work). So yeah. Off to the grindstone I go.

Once I get the misfire/rough run determined, I’m going to pull the front fenders, bumpers, remove the engine/trans, and get to work on the transmission. Hopefully is as simple as replacing a shift fork, or the synchros, and its game on. I expect to replace the clutch and reface the flywheel. From there, re-gasket the entire motor, pending no mechanical problems. Then off to the body shop for pulling, cutting, welding, and paint. (that’s gonna cost quite a bit). Then, do up the suspension, and hit the road. My goal, is late spring  but mother nature plays a big role in that. depends when the thaw happens . Time and money are the holding points. Not to say I’m rich (cause I’m far from it), but time is more the factor that money, so I’m confident I can hit my mark if I can make the time.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Arro on 04:23:02 PM / 17-Sep-11
Dude I am SO STOKED that you got an S12 again, and that it was kept "in the family"... I figure Ben will get himself another one, maybe something clean and unfucked with... I hope this one gets set straight. I know you have the know-how and obviously the space to keep it and work on it at, which was Ben's problem basically...

I think red and black would look awesome. I also think those wheels have got to go lol... I like the AmRacing Outlaw II's, but in a deeper dish and clean. These ones are good for a rally setup, which is what Ben was going for, but I suspect rally isn't on your thoughts with this car.

Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 05:03:31 PM / 17-Sep-11
oh no. the wheels are def. going away. not my style at all. I was actually just researching that. prob gonna be a 16" wheel (16x7) w/ a 225/50r16 for rubber. +20 offset should work, if i dont do the z31 rear arms, may need to get some longer studs and spacers for the rear, for aesthetic purposes.

if I get too close to my projected budget, i can always go stockers for now as ben gave me the oe wheels. one is bent, but im gonna play w/ that one and try a bending technique. 

definately not going rally. gonna be mostly street, maybe a few track days.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Arro on 05:13:52 PM / 17-Sep-11
Your desired wheel specs are headed towards what is on my RS-X... It has 16x7 in front w/ 205/55-16 and 16x8 in rear w/225/50-16... I forget the exact offsets but they're printed on the inside of the wheel, if you really want I can pull and look at them again. My fitment is flush, see pics in my thread.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Xano on 11:01:42 PM / 18-Sep-11
On the subject of 5th gear, i think the linkage broke internally.  I think its there, but broken, so when you try to push it into 5th, its hitting the two pieces of linkages together, causing it to push a LITTLE bit into gear, but not enough to ever engage.  I'd drop the trans and remove the main case.

On the wheels, if you want to switch em, hold on to em, there are ford guys that want those still.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Wolf Dilworth on 11:29:55 PM / 19-Sep-11
...Does Reverse go in and/or  feel a little odd? 

Fifth and Reverse use the same fork so if one is broke then the other...

A sheared roll pin is pretty hard to do since they are doubled up.  Unless someone went all ghetto on ya.

Cracked/broken shift-fork is going to be a PITA.  be sure to find all the pieces before you button her back up.

Best of luck.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 04:22:37 PM / 24-Sep-11
reverse is good. ill know more on that once its out of the car..

I got it running alot better. It purrs like a kitten. albeit a sick kitten, its not all lumpy and surgy and way better than it was. why? timing. it was just a bit too advanced. how far you ask? my guestimates put it at 60* bdtc AT LEAST. the distributor was two teeth off!

It makes me wonder the valve timing off? how the hell didn't it blow up. better yet, how did it even run? so now i just wanna get some vac. line, and clean all the under hood connections, and make sure nothing else (internal engine) needs corrected when pulling the motor.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Wolf Dilworth on 12:15:18 AM / 25-Sep-11
Sounds like it is time to run it around to TDC on #1 cylinder and remove and reinstall your timing belt as per the marks... 

Two teeth on the dizzy gear is pretty bad. 
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 08:28:40 AM / 25-Sep-11
The whole motor will be coming out with the trans. gonna clean things up a bit. at that time i will be going over things such as that. My intentions at this time were to determine whether the miss was from the mechanical side of things, or electrical. got that done.

on a side note, the p.o. (maybe not ben), has apparently bypassed the clutch switch, cause i can start the car in gear. well, during all my testing yesterday, the car was in 1st gear. found out the left rear caliper is nice n' stuck. how? left rear rotor was smoking. lol. with any luck its just the pads stuck in the slides. e-brake springs aren't locked up, so suprisingly its not that. thats piddly stuff tho.

Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Xano on 01:11:00 PM / 10-Oct-11
yeah, that was the PO, I did that once or twice myself.  the caliper is probably from the few months of sitting in a fairly damp area without being driven (just started and moved around short distances)  On the timing, never touched the dizzy while I owned it, so not sure on that one.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 07:20:36 PM / 16-Oct-11
things movin slow.. work/life not giving me time.

Parts received:
z31 front calipers
Exp. Engineering t/c "bushings"
20 stock lugnuts. pricey bastards, even w/ my nissan discount.

In route:
m30 clears
z31 turbo hubs

work to do:
-Need to change the oil. Just cause, but also cause the car NEEDS to be road ready by months end.
-swap good tires onto stock rims, massage stock rim. (or just use aftermarket rims if unable to fix the bad one

Messing with the power steering last weekend, found out the pump is likely trashed. Also need to find the sensory problem. why? When i start the car (cold) it runs SMOOTH as silk for about a minute or two. ya know, the time it takes to get into closed loop. then it runs like trash. NO throttle response, will idle 'ok', but thats it. if i let it run long enough (5 minutes or so at idle) ill get some throttle response, but not much. havent run codes yet, but i suspect a maf related issue. be it false air or otherwise.

But yeah, the car needs to be driveable (5 miles roundtrip) so i can get the title inspected. basically, I need to get the car upto the bmv (aka dmv in every other state) have them verify mileage, vin, year, make and model. thats it. so stupid, but i cannot get the title in my name until then. so ben, still 'technically' owns this car. I'm sure he doesn't care, and i have faith he's not gonna pull some stolen car 'bs', i just dont want him being legally tied to it, for liability's sake. (basically, i don't wanna screw ben over in some weird roundabout way).
so yeah. new oil, tire stuffs, and drive for 5 miles. i guess i could just put a resistor in the chts connector, and see what happens (hell, it could just be that  :idea: )
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Wolf Dilworth on 11:02:09 PM / 16-Oct-11
You are going to love those T/C Bushings once you get them on the road.  Very solid tracking even under very hard braking.  Had an idiot in a Mustang pull a bonehead maneuver right in my path, very controlled braking and sidestep lane change with out even a whimper from the tires, or over-correction needed.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Prolowtone on 03:52:04 AM / 17-Oct-11
I want some T/C bushings, I messaged him but i got no reply lol. Guess i should check out the site
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Wolf Dilworth on 09:41:02 AM / 17-Oct-11
Yes check out his website, they sell out quickly.

You can PM him directly here, he is "Mr 510". 
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Prolowtone on 09:53:41 AM / 17-Oct-11
I Pmed him a few weeks ago but have not gotten a reply lol
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Wolf Dilworth on 10:30:41 PM / 17-Oct-11
There is a cat that works with the "mad genious", his name is Cody and here is his addy.

I will give him a heads up that you are interested in the TC bushings.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Prolowtone on 10:44:44 PM / 17-Oct-11
Yeah i got a reply on my E-mail, thanks tho Mr. Wolf. I am sending him the money tomorrow and they will be here shortly :D. Keep hearing nothing but good about the bushings so i cant wait to install them. Ill stop thread jacking now :P hahaha
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Wolf Dilworth on 09:13:47 PM / 18-Oct-11
Cool beans...  Glad it all worked out well.  I am sure you will be happy with them. 

Absolutely the biggest/best improvement you can make to your car in under a half hour.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 04:30:11 PM / 19-Oct-11
i ordered my tension rod pivots from EE on their ebay store. BE PATIENT. it took them a few days to get them in the mail, and then forever (and a day!) for the mail truck to deliver. I however live in ohio, their shop is oregon, so that explains the delay in transit.

Got the Stock wheels cleaned up, tires from the ford rims on the stock rims. fixed the one bent rim. actually came out way better than expected. can barely see it visually, measured 13 lbs roadforce variation (imbalance 0.75/0.50), so i'll call it a win.

on a side note, mother nature sucks. its been raining like hell for the past week (worst today n tomorrow) so the  yard is wet, and i dont feel like tearing my yard to bits trying to get a rwd car out of the mud. So it waits. Im hoping for sunday to be dry enough, but we'll see. if not then, hopefully sometime early next week.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 10:39:57 PM / 22-Oct-11
more updates.

Got the car to the front driveway. found out an idling car, isn't necessarily a driveable car. the frustrating part, is that its somewhat intermittent, but for the most part, its hammered out. Played with it a bit today. turned the pump on with the fuel line off, and cleared out some of the gas that was in there. put in 5 gallons of fresh stuff, and fired it up. nice difference. holds a smooth idle for as long as i tell it to. off idle though.. ick. I tried to drive it..full of fail. got MAYBE 200' and turned around. just wouldn't have it.

played around a bit. tapping lightly on the maf, causes it to stumble, stall. time for a new maf + air filter. pulled codes from the ecu. 12 (maf) 13(chts) 14 (speed sensor) 22 (throttle switch iirc) 23 (fuel pump iirc).  might have them mixed up. The fuel pump sender is off. WAY off. I put 5 gallons in, and am at just under 1/8 tank. Vehicle speed sensor. I could care less right now. throttle switch seems likely. definately needs a new MAF. suspect the CHTS is bad, given the running conditions (need to do a resistance test to verify).

fuck. I have to do this by November 6th (temp tags expire then) in order to get the title switched. gonna be pricey.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Colonel Gustard on 11:35:13 PM / 22-Oct-11
i have an SE maf in my garage, pretty sure it works since my friend gave it to me when he swapped to the 86 set up. let me know if you want/need it.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Xano on 02:53:03 PM / 25-Oct-11
So wait, I technically still own an S12? :P

I must say, out of all the S12's I had, I hated that one.  I loved my XE (though it was really beat up when i bought it), and I loved my 1st SE.  The one you have is the 2nd SE I had, and my brain was too busy with college and work to even think about it :(  I'm glad to see that you're getting some of the issues sorted out.  Did you get a chance to put the Prothane bushings in from the Z store?
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 08:37:06 PM / 26-Oct-11
No. for the most part, im not gonna mess with suspension stuff til winter. then i can dismantle, clean, and reassemble with new shiny stuff! right now, im trying to get the title thing handled.

I put the new MAF in, put on a new set of wires (fyi, bosch wires fit PERFECT!). started her up, and she runs better. I can rev to the moon if i want. until it runs for a minute or so. It's not crapping out like it was, its just got a lot of popping going on, and a light throttle delay (tps probably). I think if the rear brakes werent locked up, it would go under its own power just fine. I was at least able to go up/down the driveway (all of 25 feet, lol) without major issues. So my next lil project is to tear apart the rear brakes, and see if its a caliper problem (please dont be, lol) or just stuck pads. Im not afraid of rebuilding/replacing the calipers, just would prefer to hold off for now.

ben.. I went thru a box i classified as 'stuff' this past weekend. guess what i found? 20 usable factory lugnuts. DAMNIT. I made a $60 mistake not going thru that box ( i bougt all new lugnuts).
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Xano on 10:21:52 AM / 27-Oct-11
Haha, man I gave you nearly everything I had, i didnt ever really throw out anything until this past weekend when I went back to the QC and cleaned out the garage for my dad.  I've got the key for the crappy aftermarket lugs here too if you need it (if not i'll just pitch it).  Only reason i used the aftermarket lugs was due to the smaller hole on those wheels for the lugs.  The factory ones were too tight of a fit to be comfortable with using em. 

Like I said on the rear brakes, they worked fine when I parked it, worked fine the first few weeks after parking it, then I noticed them sticking quite a bit when I tried to move it in the driveway.  I don't think 3-5 months of sitting would seize calipers, but I've been wrong before.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 09:21:50 PM / 28-Oct-11
pads were stuck due to a rust buildup beneath the shims. cleaned, lubed, problem solved. right rear caliper has been replaced before, as it turned in much 'easier' than the left rear. my 3/8" impact doesn't care. it either turns, or it doesn't. lubed them up, and they both spun ok. the e-brake cables in the rear don't move, or at least not without great force. so for now they're disconnected (gonna need new ones).

Tried to drive it. no dice. ran great for the first 10 minutes. then it went to crap. now it barely starts. back to square 1. gonna check fuel pressure tomorrow after replacing the filter. it moves SO much nicer without stuck rear brakes.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 07:05:01 PM / 30-Oct-11
Well, i installed the fuel filter, and the car was able to run long enough to drive. it had about no power, but it ran nevertheless.

..and then the fun began. It still didn't run right, so i pulled the upper timing cover..and then pulled the lower too.  Here's what i found.

Obviously, my crank is off about 1/2 tooth in the picture..but..have you seen the cams?! 6 teeth! BALLS!!!

So. I released tension, moved things into proper time, adjusted the distributor per FSM. crank...crank...crank.. NOTHING. wtf? I ended up initially getting timing wrong with the distributor, and then vehicle would ..crank STOP crank STOP.. so I moved it to what i thought was propery.. crank run stall.. crank run stall. ok. thats when i consulted the manual (lol). got it right, verified cylinder 1 is firing properly (spark) using the timing light. its right about 20* bdtc. It just wont run. fuel is there. (pump turns on, it was there a day ago, why wouldnt it be now?!) its reading a proper airflow signal.

Im 100% lost. If the valves were bent, it wouldnt have run before. so why wont it run now? gonna post elsewhere too, see if i can get a resolve. 
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Colonel Gustard on 07:14:33 PM / 30-Oct-11
hmmmm, interesting. the timing marks and such are back in alignment right? i know a bad MAF can cause the car to start and then stall. Tried this on a friends SE and with a bad maf it would turn on, idle like crap for about 2 or 3 seconds, then stall itself. maybe maf?
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 08:03:11 PM / 30-Oct-11
Just replaced the MAF with a reconditioned unit. it functioned as it should prior..

I've created a topic in the VG section, for ease of future reference and so on..
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Wolf Dilworth on 12:10:12 AM / 31-Oct-11
Dude, it looks like you need a new belt.  There some teeth in one image that look pretty ratty.  Inspect for sure.  Are the alignment marks still visible on the belt?  If the belt is good then remove it and install as per new belt and FSM.  You can not simply align the crank and expect top pulleys to agree.  Remember this is a four cycle.

Seriously, remove the belt and start from square one, page one.  Ensure TDC, ensure belt is facing the correct way (it is directional)

Yes PITA, but it is the ONLY way to be certain.

Best of luck.
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 09:08:45 PM / 04-Nov-11
Got it back together. while putting things back together i installed the CHTS.

filled the system with coolant. got everything in order. excitement started to build. started it, and it runs...but only at idle. man. I see why ben hated this thing so much. so many problems. given whats been tested/replaced, i went to fuel pressure. Upon first key cycle is has a steady stream. not very powerful, but its there. cranking fuel pressure? eh. barely a trickle. I think its prostate (aka fuel pump) is going bad, but i need to get a guage on it to check actual pressure. pretty sure its failing the fuel flow test at this point.

Post Merge: 11:43:46 AM / 05-Nov-11
Fuel pressure (just after the filter) varies from 30-38, depending on how the engine is running. i don't know the spec for the S12, but i've seen 34 psi thrown around on some Z forums, so we're gonna assume that its ok.

timing.. I tried getting a litte less timing (it was at 30*bdtc, and wouldnt go lower). and instead got more. According to the crank pulley its roughly 50* bdtc (no marks, rough guess) and it idles much better, when it wants. It seems to have mood swings. some times it runs and doesn't skip a beat, other times it can't idle. i can't make heads or tails of it. The one time it was running great, I drove it down the road. didn't make it but 1/4 mile, and it decided it didn't like running. lol. hobbled back home and said fuck it. (pretty pissed by this point). cleaned the idle air controller, no difference (didn't think it would help, but knew it couldn't hurt). Just diggiing through the engine bay, there's a bunch of greenies everywhere (corrosion). So, Im going to move forward with pulling the engine/transmission. figure out what the hell is going on with the wiring, and just go from the ground up.

On a side note. It runs GREAT at 6000 rpm. once in my back garage, i did a lil' burnout. it stalled at first, couldn't do anything at 2500 rpm. so, i took it to 3500 rpm, dropped the clutch (one foot on brake, gas), and put it to the floor. I held it at 6k for about 30 seconds. Holy..smoke. best burnout i've done in a long time, based on the level of smoke.  unnecessary? sure. Do i feel better? hell yes.

So, Ben, you will be the legal owner of this car, until i can get the title inspected/switched in the spring. sigh.
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Post by: Xano on 01:27:05 AM / 16-Dec-11
lol, just dont do anything illegal with it, I have the paypal receipt as a bill of sale, so i'm covered, but still...

When you get it running right, can i have it back? i'll pay you the money back :P
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Post by: seishuku on 04:14:13 PM / 16-Dec-11
Sounds like someone needs a new engine harness... Or a MegaSquirt. :lol:
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 07:01:28 PM / 07-Mar-12
I've found them. I've finally found them. I've got verbal, from a business that they are mine! HELL YES, and the price is wicked awesome. stay tuned for what "them" may be.
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 07:47:30 PM / 09-Mar-12
officially paid for and shipped. Im not speaking of what they are, until i get them. (won't believe it til i see it sorta thing). so...very excited.
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Post by: Colonel Gustard on 02:27:11 AM / 13-Mar-12
z31 turbo hubs???
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 11:56:29 AM / 14-Mar-12

Yes! from an 89 z31 Turbo. Sweet. Found them after months of emails, phone calls, browsing the web, etc. I had come across multiple sets, but when it was time to get down to it, the sellers wouldn't come off them. I still have a set promised to me from an 88 Shiro Partout. If i can get them for the right price, i'll grab them n' resell, but im not gonna pursue it any further.

anyhow, Im taking them in to work and gonna clean em up (sand blasting) and then gonna paint them with a high temp paint. I'll get pictures when all done.

I'm going to get a set of summit Racing brake rotors for the front. they're $35-40 each, for a performance rotor. I'm not positive its something that would withstand a trackday, but im not expecting that. Also going to order a set of Hawk HPS pads. Lastly, going to pickup the bigger S13 (or was it the z31/32..) master cylinder. rear brakes will be stock replacement rotors with HPS pads as well. Going to try to pickup a set of stainless lines as well, but thats a lesser priority as the combo it will already have should be plenty for my usage.

Work on the car should begin here at the end of the month, and my goal is to have the car on the road mid to late summer.
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 06:25:33 PM / 20-Mar-12

I removed the studs, removed the old bearings/races, and sandblasted the hubs. washed 'em down,  and put on a few thin coats of high temp (500*f) paint.

Then I reinstalled the studs (1 had to be replaced, it was previously damaged/shortened--see previous pic, left hub, bottom right stud), pressed in the new races, and were ready for use. just gotta pack the bearings when ready for install. Used timken bearings. I got them at about 50% off, so i'm a happy camper!

paint is pretty glossy, so the pic shows my finger prints, etc., but the hubs look damn good.
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Post by: Xano on 02:40:31 PM / 23-May-12
Got any recent updates? I havent heard about the old beast in a while lol.
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 07:32:44 PM / 23-May-12
I got some clear bumper lenses, and thats about it.

Work has been unusually slow for this time of year, and my paycheck is based off of work flow/hours turned (flat-rate technician), so as you can imagine money is a bit tight, and the s12 isn't the highest on the priority list. I think this weekend though i am going to get it into the front garage (yes, i have 2). If its in the front garage, its in eyesight and therefore more accessible. Plus, alot of the work that needs done doesn't require money (pull engine/trans..suspension, etc) initially.

I have been toying with selling my motorcycle, but the wife won't allow it. she says i'll regret it just like i did selling my old S12. I don't have the passion for bikes as i do the s12, but..damn. she wins.
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 11:54:55 AM / 15-Jul-12
ok. time for an update, lol.

It hasn't run since my last update. turned the key and it fired right up! went through to verify everything was working. well..not anymore. the master cylinder was completely empty. no visible leaks. maybe in the booster, but i got no smoke after running. filled it, and it has a pedal, but naturally its mush. clutch was stuck. pumped it a couple times and all is better. turned on the blower motor. THUD! followed by a god awful smell. the smell of rotting animal. damnit. something made a nest and died in the blower box.

Given that it runs, Im eliminating all mechanical aspects of the motor. gonna pull it, clean everything, regasket, and do what needs to be done. I may need to get it towed to the local dmv, but its GOT TO BE DONE. need the title in my name.

unfortunately work has flip flopped. as in, im working 50-60 hrs/week. no time. im going to west virginia next weekend, so thats out. MAYBE sunday. we'll see. I desperately crave driving a fun car, so motivation is coming back. Lets see if i can get it on the road before snow hits.

edit: On second thought. I work at a shop, have all kinds of tools (at work, minimal at home), and access to LIFTS. Providing my Boss allows, Im just gonna get it towed to my work, pull the engine/trans, and do work there. so much easier. Oh, and the Nissan franchise thats part of my company...yeah. they're literally across the road.

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Post by: cutter67 on 03:09:05 PM / 15-Jul-12
i didnt realize how close we are. i am going to Akron all the time Ravenna is about 1 hour 20 minutes from me. i have a ton of SE parts so if there is anything you need let me know.
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Xano on 03:50:56 PM / 15-Jul-12
Lol, Cutter, hook him up! it's my old car (technically still mine until he gets the title sorted)

Also, Jeff, let me know if you need help with the titling when you get to that point, I don't mind faxing a signed Bill of Sale to you or the DMV, etc.
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Post by: Arro on 03:51:10 PM / 15-Jul-12
I'm so glad to see that you're cataloging a few things that need to be dealt with and have a solid plan of attack... sounds like you have recent cashflow, and a potentially and highly advantageous place to do it at! :thumbsup:
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Post by: cutter67 on 03:56:43 PM / 15-Jul-12
Lol, Cutter, hook him up! it's my old car (technically still mine until he gets the title sorted)

Also, Jeff, let me know if you need help with the titling when you get to that point, I don't mind faxing a signed Bill of Sale to you or the DMV, etc.

yes i see that it was i figured he would need a lot of help fixing everything you messed up on it :grinwink:
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Post by: Arro on 04:02:43 PM / 15-Jul-12
pwned haha
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 04:07:14 PM / 15-Jul-12
Ouch. It's not terribly messed up to be honest. I haven't had my chance at scraping the RTV out of the rear subframe so I may take that statement back. Oh and the steering wheel. I liked the Stock one better.

The engine harness is a NIGHTMARE, but beyond that, I'd say its in better shape than 95% of cars the same age around here. Rust kills cars here.

PM'd cutter. Definitely need some parts. I'm sure I've left some out. I'm just stoked to make progress on this thing.
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Post by: Arro on 04:09:39 PM / 15-Jul-12
Well and I remember Ben telling me that he would get hungry some nights in his sleep and wake up to find himself gnawing on the harness, so that might explain some of your woes. Just sayin :innocent:

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Post by: Xano on 04:12:43 PM / 15-Jul-12
I'll say this, 99% of the issues that car had mechanically or electrically, were there before I bought it.  The only stupidity moment I had was filling the subframe with goo, just so I didnt worry so badly about it all the time (And it's not RTV, it's silicon caulking glue).  I had solid subframe bushings somewhere in the pile of parts lol. 

But yeah, it got beat up, I've said it before, I hated that car so much, because I had problems with it from the first day I owned it.
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Post by: cutter67 on 04:18:31 PM / 15-Jul-12
  But yeah, it got beat up, I've said it before, I hated that car so much, because I had problems with it from the first day I owned it.

oh no the S12 gods are going to be upset now a Administrator of their forum saying he hated a s12.....shame...shame...shame  :laugh:
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Post by: Colonel Gustard on 05:11:50 PM / 15-Jul-12
if the engine harness is messed up, i have a complete uncut one for an SE as well as the injector harness and all that nonsense, let me know if it can be of use to you since im not gonna use it
Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Xano on 12:22:20 AM / 16-Jul-12
oh no the S12 gods are going to be upset now a Administrator of their forum saying he hated a s12.....shame...shame...shame  :laugh:
Lol, i love the cars as a whole, i just hated that car
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 03:45:57 PM / 03-Sep-12
Moved in a forward direction today..

Bled the brakes (as best one man can), and it stops. Adjusted the TPS, and viola, it runs. Im not gonna say it runs GREAT, but it runs nevertheless. has a miss at idle, and skips a bit under load, but is driveable. Im gonna see if i can't go into work a few hours late and handle the Title situation, once thats done I can go hog wild on pulling the motor/trans/suspension components...only been saying that for a year.

Also..I pulled the blower motor.. GROSS. three dear mice, and about 2 pounds of insulation. The stink was overwhelming! Removed the lower cover to the HVAC and cleaned it all out. used compressed air and cleaned out all of it.  Fan works nice, and doesn't smell like rancid shit. There will be burnout in the neat future. it will be recorded.

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Post by: Jsvob03 on 08:56:15 AM / 06-Apr-13
Hey. an update. this many months later.

Quite literally, the car hasn't run since that last post. not because I couldn't get it to, but because It sat thru the winter in my back garage. Went out to the back garage and she fired right up. woohoo. Plans to reconstruct the whole thing are still there, but theres no way I can do it all at once. so here's whats gonna happen over the next few WEEKS.

Engine/Trans pulled. Figure out the 5th gear synchro problem. make it work right.
regasket/reseal motor. Don't wanna have the heads reworked, but ill cross that bridge when I get there.
Install z31 front brake components (hubs, rotors, calipers)
Install rear subframe bushings
Install miscellaneous parts that I have
fix leaky tire
Get new exhaust. (money will dictate, but likely getting a set of headers. just makes sense to do it now, since the whole exhaust needs reworked.
figure out temporary lighting solution. front turn signals, headlamp motors.

basic maintenance, there were golden.

im gonna rock the stock wheels and tire for now. same with struts/shocks/springs. just wanna get it on the road and make it a WORKING project. none of this letting the car sit for months thing.

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Post by: Jsvob03 on 06:23:09 PM / 07-Apr-13
important update!

I got all of my home tools organized. I have so much more here than I thought. So many wrenches, screwdrivers, and sockets. I have doubles of most all of those.

just trying to get a set of acetylene torches cheapish and I shouldn't need too many (if any) additional tools. if I do I likely have it at work.

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Post by: Arro on 01:16:44 PM / 10-Apr-13
lol you have doubles, and I'm missing a few sockets and shit because of friends who forget to put things away after use :P

Harbor Freight if you hve one nearby.

This car needs resurrection!
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 01:07:44 PM / 30-Jun-13
Oh look. Progress, and proof of it.

Today I had some free time. Finally. Decided i'd pull the transmission and see whats going on inside. The problem - 5th gear won't engage. Couldn't move the lever into 5th.

The oil -
( (
It came out silver. very very silver. While that's not good, its not necessarily a reason to deem the transmission unusable.

The Problem -
Ya know, I didn't find one. at least, with 5th gear. I can move the shift fork into and out of 5th just fine. In fact in this picture its in 5th gear. hmm. there is a chipped tooth, but nothing extreme. What I did find...
( (
You can see that the drive and driver gears have a pretty significant amount of wear at the contact points. should be a nice sharp taper. Still though, at this point the trans can be saved. Get new bearings, new 5th and reverse gears, and new synchros and it should be ok. well..

The issue -
( (

( (
The case/bellhousing is disintegrating internally. the aluminum is literally chunking apart. Not sure of how that happens, but, its definitely happening. I can take a pick to it and aluminum just keeps coming apart. Yeah. This is the part where the trans was condemned. Damn. NO way am I going to rebuild the trans, just to have aluminum shavings/chunks travel through the trans, or risk that happening.

So what else did I find in today's adventure?
Carrier Bearing coming apart -
( (
Clutch, Pressure Plate, Flywheel -
( (

( (

( (

There's a whole bunch of blue going on at the inner edge of the flywheel and pressure plate. Not sure whats going on there, but Its not something I would put back in. Flywheel can possibly be machined, but still need to take measurements. Clutch plate. pfft. as much as I like LuK, I wouldnt trust the odd contact problem. can't point to one component or another. if im replacing the pressure plate, its gonna be with a clutch anyhow.

Exhaust. Sorry, you get no pics of that. It is super rusted and not salvageable. period. the y-pipe flange where it attaches to the convertor is rusted off. D'oh. On a bright note, not one of the manifold to y-pipe studs broke off. That's good, but if im going with headers it really doesn't matter.

That's all for today folks. Can't handle any more bad news. Next up is Engine removal, and upper end inspection. Ideally, i'd like to just get the heads cleaned & pressure checked, but I won't know til im in there.

At this point its starting to look more like it may be a full on part out, instead of project. Theres not too many parts of value, but there are some (some purchased, some on the car). Ive got a budget of approx. $5k to work with, of which $1k (car + transport + parts) is already eaten up. I still need to completely disassemble front and rear suspension, plus theres the body. if it starts getting close to $3k before bodywork ill have to call it quits. I'd love to drive an s12, but im not blind to the fact that $5k...hell $3k is ALOT to spend on something that's only gonna have 160-170 hp, and only not be able to make any serious power without major engine modifications or engine swaps.
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 04:55:54 PM / 07-Jul-13
Alright, here's another update.

I've completely changed my short term vision for this car. Just wanna get it on the road. Don't care how it looks, stops, handles, smells, etc. So long as it runs and drives down the road safely and efficiently (as possible for a vehicle from the 80s) that's all I want. I'll use it as a "beater car" at this time. No, im not going to go driving into things, but flogging it, and driving it when I feel like being an idiot.

So whats new?

Transmission. I may have been incorrect in my initial diagnosis. while there definitely were large chunks/pieces of aluminum floating about, the case itself seems to be ok. I removed all the sensors, plugs, etc. Cleaned the internal and external parts of the bellhousing and tailshaft components. looks ok. painted bellhousing and tailshaft components, and reassembled the entire transmission assembly. I had to "rework" the shim at the end of the countershaft, as it was removed and reinstalled improperly during someone elses previous repair attempts. Surely its not the right thickness, but its better than nothing.

so, Ill clean up my engine wiring issues, re-gasket the engine, and go from there.
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 11:51:43 AM / 13-Jul-13
Removed the factory-ish wiring harness for the fog lights, as it was all cut up and green. no intentions of using fog lights for now, when I do i'll just use new stuff.

removed electric fans and related wiring nightmare. good god ben why no heatshrink, or even electric tape? whole harness is green.

pulled engine harness from engine. removed driver fender and pulled harness through. will be repairing/cleaning that. I need to figure out what the hell happened with the injector wiring. for some reason its cut, and spliced onto a different harness. looks like constant power with switched ground, but power pulled from a different circuit. odd. more service manual reading (schematics anyhow) is in my future.

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Post by: Jsvob03 on 08:13:06 PM / 08-Sep-13
well...its not project refresh anymore, rather its a movement to just get it on the road.

today I got the clutch, transmission, and driveshaft back in. I forgot how much it sucks to put a transmission in a car flying solo. talk about a balancing act.

also cleaned up the harness, had to run a whole new injector power wire from ecu to harness connectors. took a little more time than anticipated, but its done. good lord was it green. most of that is due to T-splices everywhere. Not sure why it was done this way, but whatever.

( (

That's the harness after being removed, repaired, and reinstalled. I need to get the routing right, but it all hooks up, car will start and run. Theres no idle, but there was greenies at the tps connector and the iac connector, need to take care of those. OH, and theres only exhaust manifolds. im sure that has nothing to do with it.. lol.

got a few wires out of the way. goodness.

( (

all those were stuffed in the engine bay. some are from the electric fan swap, but they're so green (t-splices...why ben why?!) Im just going to make my own fan harness to the switch. the relays are still good though, so that's $$ saved.

at this point I need to get the trans sensor wiring fixed, fill the trans with gear lube, machine brake rotors/replace only as necessary, fill the radiator, install fans, and install the hood and fender. from there ill see what I have.

its gonna be a sweet winter car. it may not be the intentions I had for it initially, but its better than nothing.
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 07:59:51 PM / 22-Sep-13
Today I got a new timing belt installed. I forgot how much square toothed belts suck in comparison to round toothed ones. I had to take the tensioner off just to get it on. annoying.

also got the radiator cleaned out, removed the ac condenser, reinstalled radiator. installed electric fans and wired. Its not perfect, but better than berfore. need to clean it up a bit more and put a fuse inline and were good to go. rewired the transmission sensors, found 1 reverse light is out. meh.

filled transmission, and cooling system. started it up. At cold, it idles just like a VG. big bag of dicks. once warm its not too shabby. drives "ok". has a stumble/miss, but I still need to set base timing, idle, and clean up some other stuff (egr delete?). For those still reading, I found a TSB for setting the idle. TSB specifically addresses a hard/extended crank and poor cold idle. we'll see how that goes.

got the new transmission mount in, verified the subframe bushing is just gone, lol. luckily I still have Bens prothane bushings so ill pop those in.

alright, that's enough for now..
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Post by: Jsvob03 on 09:21:52 PM / 16-Aug-15
2 years later and it's still in progress..

Fiddled around quite a bit lately.

New injectors
New valve cover gaskets, upper and lower gaskets
EGR deleted
New spark plugs, cap, rotor
New plug wires (again..)
New timing belt (again..)
Removed dash, cleaned out rats nests (yeah..again..)

So what's goin on? Well it still doesn't run right. Each weekend in work ok on it, it's getting better. It's running better than it ever has since I've had it, so that's a plus. Few more corroded wires to clean up and hopefully that's it.

Tried to sell, offers weren't there. Scrap prices SUCK, so I'll dump some time and effort (and money) into it, and make it roadworthy.

 The current repair in progress is the instrument cluster. None of the guages work (speedo might since it s cable driven). Gonna try and make it work again. Contacts are broken, going to do some magic with some solder and wire. We'll see.

Title: Re: Project Refresh.
Post by: Jsvob03 on 08:52:54 PM / 27-Aug-16
...and Punt! Read on.

Somehow the battery in this thing won't die. Sits for literally a year, put it on the trickle charger for 2 hours and it's good to go.

Put a used/known good ECM in it. It does what it's designed to. All the hours I have fixing the wires, routing, rerouting ,cleaning, etc. It finally runs. Took it down the road. Yea. A burnout of the gratuitous type was done. Damn. It runs better than I ever remember my old one running, and that one ran pretty strong too.  Stirs up those feelings of excitement my previous s12 gave me.

It's bittersweet though. It's new owner is making the journey, looks to be close to a 10 hour round trip drive for him. Title signed and stamped, bill of sale completed, ready to load up. So, maybe with him having a better starting point he can breathe some life into this thing.

I have a feeling he will be on here. He's got a solid plan. Best of luck to him.