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Title: Bringing you more by bringing things together
Post by: Arro on 02:55:11 AM / 25-Sep-11
For the last couple of years, has been reviewing the S12 from all over the world, and from its legacy days when it was still gracing dealerships and new S12's were driving on the streets. Spotlights on individual cars, literature, and events involving the S12 have been covered in detail, with participation from S12 fans and by a dedicated staff of blog writers. The results have been noticed by people from around the world, and in all the regional S12 communities. We at Club-S12 have also seen this as progress for the global S12 community, and decided to continue in our international S12 support role by bringing two significant efforts together. has collaborated with to keep you updated on their coverage of S12 culture. Now you can be informed of updates to their blog, link to those updates, and even discuss the blogs, right here in their dedicated forum section. can respond and discuss them here, right along with you, to help make the experience more enjoyable, and to help bring you great content in the future.

Club-S12 will also be working with on occasional collaborative features, ensuring a cooperative cohesion between the two sites, and resulting in a better experience for S12 owners around the world.

We see this as a way of enriching Club-S12 as a site dedicated to S12's, and as a discussion forum dedicated to the owners of these cars, worldwide.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank the Australian S12 community out of which was born. is still host to the Aussie S12 enthusiasts, and they will always be a part of the larger S12 world community, along with the rest of the regional sites; without ALL the sites, the S12 community would not be as connected around the world as it is. This is important for awareness, and for parts trade and commerce, and most importantly, for technical assistance. We are all part of the same family.

Let's continue to enjoy our S12's, and each others' S12's, because as time goes on, they will need our dedication and efforts more than ever before so that they remain visible for all to enjoy... for both enthusiasts and for those who might otherwise miss out on what these cars are about.