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Title: My workload
Post by: Arro on 07:01:41 PM / 24-Feb-12
Today is the first time in weeks that I've had a chance to get on here, or even to look at the Facebook Club-S12 page. Life has become extremely busy for me, I'm carrying nearly double what a normal full schedule student has.

There are things Ben and I wanted to do, but haven't had the chance... possibly move to a new server company, rework the front page (which I have detailed plans on but my timing with Ben sucks... and we both need to be working on it together), some other upgrades to the system (backoffice shit you don't see but that keeps the system running smoothly), and a few other little odds and ends.

I know some of you are annoyed that the front page hasn't changed in a long time, or seen any updates. It will. I've started actually working on the new content, which will go with the new front page. I'm repurposing it for a number of reasons.

Now, don't think because I don't have the time to come on as often here that I don't know when there's a problem... the rest of the staff is very, VERY good about getting ahold of me whenever there is any sort of issue that they feel needs my assistance. I'm on here sometimes just long enough to fix something with a user account or handle whatever small issue via PM, and then I'm gone again. I miss reading posts, looking at people's progress with their cars... I just haven't had the time that I would like.

For those who might care, the reason why I am carrying so many units this semester is due to a screwup in the counseling office that listed me with the wrong major... so some of the classes I was told were in my plan of attack are the wrong ones. I'm playing catch-up now. This also affected my financial aid, so for this current semester I am financially screwed (sorry Ben, credit given for footing the bills for some time now).  Everything is sorted out in preparation for next semester, thankfully, including my financial situation. I should be back to work, taking a NORMAL full schedule of 12-15 units, and with some more free time.

I just hate to leave things as they are without at the very least offering some sort of personal explanation for it to everyone.
Title: Re: My workload
Post by: sideways_s12 on 12:29:55 AM / 25-Feb-12
Blah it's life as long as the site is still up were all happy lol do what you do man and get back to us when you can.....
Title: Re: My workload
Post by: Prolowtone on 06:49:07 AM / 25-Feb-12
Yep the sites up so we are entertained, Good to hear your still around tho LOL. Sucks to hear about your courses being screwed, they fucked up my courses multiple times in school, Played catch up and said fuck it my last year as they screwed me out of my automotive apprenticeship and all i needed to grad was my English so i took it elsewhere.
Title: Re: My workload
Post by: Sean_howell1 on 10:43:23 AM / 25-Feb-12
lol, who needs the front page. :) All of us are on topics most the time.
Title: Re: My workload
Post by: Xano on 10:45:48 AM / 25-Feb-12
Np on the bills, you know me man, I never have minded that kinda thing.  No need to even have mentioned it lol.

Also, guys, I know I dont post often lately, but I'm on here daily catching up on threads.  I just transitioned to more of a lurker, as I've got other things going on in my life right now as well, and haven't much felt like posting. Sorry.  You'll still see me in the chat box every other day or so lol.
Title: Re: My workload
Post by: Arro on 11:02:46 AM / 25-Feb-12
I can say FOR CERTAIN that Ben and I have discussed it a number of times over the last couple years and have committed to the integrity of the site... meaning that while we aren't visibly posting much, and while we haven't developed certain features yet, we have been and intend to make sure that the site is ALWAYS up, because we know that this is the single largest concentration of information for these cars.

I have some thoughts about the S12 and where things are going, but I'll share that in another thread in the Lounge. I'm gonna be around on here for the next few hours.