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Title: Getting the digidash to work with the SR20DET
Post by: 8SixS12 on 08:22:56 PM / 30-Jun-12
I know this was covered in short in an earlier thread but I have not heard anyone here being able to actualy make it work but IIRC, there was this one guy on who made it work but I don't think he went into detail.  I'm thinking of trying an MSD tach driver for DISs.  I think it could work.  It just depends on the signal that the digi dash needs can be duplicated by the driver box.  I may just open up my SM and call MSD on Monday to see what they have to say.  I will post my findings then.  I don't want to give up my digidash.  It's so 80's I would hate to take it out since it works perfectly.