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Title: Suspension parts
Post by: my12 on 03:25:00 PM / 01-Dec-16
have a look
Title: Re: Suspension parts
Post by: weitrhino on 09:20:18 PM / 01-Dec-16
Thanks for sharing.
Title: Re: Suspension parts
Post by: vern_k on 12:58:53 PM / 06-Dec-16
they are awesome to deal with, they have done the tension rods and control arms for my project, took a while to get them done but it was kinda of a pain in the ass order, but also got parts from them for my Maxima..... Will be going though them if I ever need stuff they make....
Title: Re: Suspension parts
Post by: Nebuchernezzer on 04:21:45 PM / 06-Dec-16
Good to see stuff is around for the S12, bad to see it's so expensive (for us not in the US).
I'm going to be making my own live axle arms and various other bits and pieces probably early next year using QA1 rod ends and 6061 roundbar.
Title: Re: Suspension parts
Post by: SC S12 on 03:16:16 PM / 28-Oct-20
I'm Bumping this with updates despite the age:

Tension Rods
It took them more than 3 years to fix it : but they Now sell Tension rods that ACTUALLY FIT STOCK S12's without modification *grey arms*.

For the first two years (the red powder coated versions) appeared to be created for s12's with an s13 front conversion despite not being noted as such (they lacked a notch in the arm side of the rod to fit around the sway bar end links on stock S12/Maxima arms and were for the first batch almost 4 inches too long, the second batch of the red arms were the correct length, but still lacked the notch to clear the endlinks).

If you ordered the red second "design" you still needed to drill out a semi circle to clear the bushing for the end link on the arm. (this is what I had to do, after almost two months of getting non fitting parts, I gave up and modified the last part they sent)

These work fine with no mods, with a 3" drop and these LCA you have around 1* of neg camber

Camber plate/pillowball/tophat kits
Despite stating they fit OE Datsun oil struts on the page... they dont. IF you email them and ask, they confirm they dont actually fit the stock strut....Just In case you are like me and still run the oil baths with heavier fluid and aftermarket progressive springs.