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Post by: cls12vg30 on 02:08:29 PM / 18-Apr-17
As some may remember, I created a website waaaaay back in the day devoted to my SE V6.  It was an old MS Frontpage site that looked straight out of the early '00s, because it was.  I hadn't updated it since 2009.  I recently realized that the site was offline and the hosting company appeared to have vanished.  This seemed like a good excuse to update the site.  I got a new hosting provider and dug out my old Frontpage files off a backup HDD to use as a template.

Right now ( is back up, in a reduced form.  The Specs page is up, in case any SE guys need it for reference for any reason.  The Projects page currently contains pics and diagrams for the electric fan setup and ECU monitor (which does still work  :cool2:)  I've also started building a page to document my SE's restoration.

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Post by: Wonderingraven on 03:16:56 PM / 18-Apr-17
Awesome job sir.
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Post by: Cajun1guy on 08:26:56 PM / 18-Apr-17
Welcome back! Can't wait to see the restoration project in full swing!
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Post by: Twilightriku on 09:54:30 AM / 20-Apr-17
I can't count the amount of times I ended up in your site to read up or find a specs on my v6. I thought I had gone crazy when I could not find it. Glad to see it back.