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Title: Dilema
Post by: ndd on 09:20:43 AM / 14-Apr-18
Have all new gauges to build custom gauge cluster for 84 notch.  The original digital dash is intermittently functional. I have a spare digital cluster which does not work as well.  I am thinking of gutting the cluster that does not work to use to hold new gauges.  Though I’m torn to do so!  I know some one would love the components.  It is not like these are easy to find.  But using an original cluster to use as a base for new gauges would sure make installation easier. Two gauge digital one poor shape on works intermittently.  What should I do?
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The gauge cluster will be for 84 hatch 5.0 not my notch that I’m keeping as original as possible.   Peace
Title: Re: Dilema
Post by: BOSSMAN on 02:24:42 PM / 17-Apr-18
I would keep the old digital dash and try finding a used analog unit to modify, if you can't I would keep all the digital components inside as they might be good for spares.
Title: Re: Dilema
Post by: ndd on 03:55:07 PM / 17-Apr-18
I agree I don’t want to ruin what could be a gold mine for someone. I would like a broke analog just for outer body to use as base for new cluster. Problem is I don’t have one.  Peace
Title: Re: Dilema
Post by: BOSSMAN on 02:32:15 PM / 18-Apr-18
This is interesting:

nx1600 cluster into a s12
Title: Re: Dilema
Post by: JonB on 05:28:34 AM / 20-Apr-18
I pretty sure i have 2 digi clusters. Tach in my analogue isnt working and everyone one wants too much for another one.

Generally I consider the encoder down on the firewall for the digi to be a little more sought after than the dash it self, but who knows. Havent shopped digis in a while.

Title: Re: Dilema
Post by: deucekazoo on 08:56:10 AM / 20-Apr-18
There is an analog cluster for sale on eBay right now. Price is decent but shipping is a little high.
Title: Re: Dilema
Post by: JonB on 03:53:08 PM / 20-Apr-18
Theres an se one on there aswell as a 4, which is $70. I jqbe a 4. Im just gonna get one of those cheap ebay tachs here soon.

I threw out atleast two functioning analogue clusters, but now that i need one, theyre worth something i guess.

Maybe you shouldnt chop the digi cluster. Who knows. If you do and your worried - i got two, and the world isnt void of them:)
Title: Re: Dilema
Post by: BOSSMAN on 02:02:24 PM / 24-Apr-18
Just a though.  How about getting a used s13 or nx  cluster and gut it instead, all you want is the plastic housing to work on, correct?
Title: Re: Dilema
Post by: ndd on 05:20:13 PM / 24-Apr-18
It’s done used dead digital cluster removed the components and installed new gauges. They are working well!  I may sell the complete digi cluster the other cluster parts and the speedo encoder at this point.  Having working gauges is nice (gas gauge!!). Who needs turbo digi dash parts?