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Title: Salps S12 Update
Post by: salps12 on 10:56:52 PM / 26-Sep-04
Hey all,

I finally got my car back the other day. Looks good and goes alright considering my ecu hasnt been tuned for the current AFM.

Mods are listed below but the other things that were done are: Longer tie rod end adapters, 3\' turbo back exhaust with high flow cat, braided oil and coolant lines to turbo, side mount made into fmic, S13 SR20 front Calipers, Oil catch can, all custom cooler piping 2 1/4\', custom oil cooler fittings, oil thermostat, 3 point harness & fresh gearbox oil.
I think thats it.....

To be done: Z31 Clutch LSD, side skirts, ECU remap, injectors 440 or 460cc, thicker rear sway bar & front strut bar.

I will post pics sometime this week.

Mid October it will be engineer approved then early november registration starts.

Still alot to do...... I will get a trackday in sometime b4 december but drift wont happen until after december and advanced driver training.

Cost: $10K and climbing  :-x

What the car currently looks like:
Title: Salps S12 Update
Post by: Nebuchernezzer on 11:24:20 PM / 26-Sep-04
Sounds sweet, reckon it\'ll be ready by the end of next month for the next eastern creek track practice day on the little skid circuit?  As for the cost, don\'t think about it and it hurts less haha, my car is around $10k and rising to.....
Title: Salps S12 Update
Post by: salps12 on 07:10:07 AM / 27-Sep-04
OK I got pics done.

This is my old engine bay with the stock t25, afm and pod removed.

This is how it is atm. Cant reeally see it but the boxed pod looks cool   :mike:

This is my current interior. 2 speco guages and a hybrid ebc. Dont forget the rice pedals  :gay:

My oil cooler & oil thermostat. Also you can just see my arc cooler with the welded endtanks.

This isnt the best pics... S15 T28BB and shiny 3\' dump  :boobs:
Title: Salps S12 Update
Post by: SHEPPO3930 on 05:40:13 PM / 27-Sep-04
lookin good son!

go the ARC cooler, interesting to see it up front, it\'ll be bloody effective! its good to see that its a neat install, not a hack job, and it will be good to see it going in november on the street. dont CA18DET\'s just look at home in the S12 engine bay! match made i rekon, pitty we didnt get it here in australia as a fitted option.

catch ya man
Title: Salps S12 Update
Post by: Nebuchernezzer on 05:41:08 PM / 27-Sep-04
Can sorta see whats going on hehe.  You non aircon types have alot of spare room in the nose there?  Or does your cooler just leave a big gap?  I\'m scraping for space  :(  Get some pics during the day :D.
Title: Salps S12 Update
Post by: salps12 on 07:40:36 PM / 27-Sep-04
i got aircon thankyou! I just dont have power steer  :wink:

The cooler is mounted at an angle against the front bumper so it creates more room.

Ill get better pics later in the week!

Knowing my luck now, ill get the car tuned then on my first track/drift day the engine will blow  :wall:
Title: Salps S12 Update
Post by: Nebuchernezzer on 08:05:41 PM / 27-Sep-04
Hehe she\'ll be right, looking at it again i can see the air con condensor, yeah your cooler just leaves a bigger gap than mine.
Think you\'ll be able to get it onto the track on the 30th of next month (i think thats the date)?
Title: Salps S12 Update
Post by: salps12 on 09:59:31 PM / 27-Sep-04
I think the 30th will be way too close. I got to get engineer report then fix that stuff up. Then rego and fix up anything again. THEN go get LSD and fit up catch can.

$500 remap
$500 engineer
$500 remap
$500 rego

Atm im just going to get the car remaped then go to some track days. As soon as I have enuff $$ then ill engineer it and rego.
I dont think oran or wakefield will mind me using a couple of their corners as drift practise until rego :laugh:
Title: Salps S12 Update
Post by: Nebuchernezzer on 10:06:23 PM / 27-Sep-04
Hehe sweet, well there is still two low speed practice days at EC before the end of the year, then there is a club drift comp next jan at Wakefield (long drive for me :()
Title: Salps S12 Update
Post by: SHEPPO3930 on 05:08:53 AM / 28-Sep-04
man dont think bad thoughts..............YOUR ENGINE WILL PERFORM LIKE A CHAMPION at the next drift/track day!

keep saying that and it will all sweet.
Title: Salps S12 Update
Post by: salps12 on 09:08:36 PM / 04-Oct-04

Well instead of some better pics, i thought ill make a short vid of my engine mods and exhaust sound.

Seeing as I dont have my AFM plugged in its a bit rough and wants to stall as you will see in the vid.

Also it has a weird ending but Ill leave that for guys to see lol.

File is 8.4mb  :frown: (