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Title: VG30ET Update
Post by: JasterM5 on 11:29:35 PM / 02-Oct-04
Well I just got the engine out of the Z31 doner car. I\'m so excited!!!! I also just received my HKS BOV and got an HKS Turbo Timer on the way. Unfortunatly I cant figure out the IC location and mounting untill the engine in actually in the bay. I am also going to get a new custom radiator to attempt a V-mount, but we\'ll see.

I do have some questions though.
1) When I was pulling out the harness I saw that it goes as one peice through the firewall and into the ECU and that the internal harnes for the rest of the car seems to be integrated into the main harness. How will this work with my harness in my 88SE? will I have to splice my interior harness into the main harness of the Z31?

2) Also my donor Z was COMPLETLY stripped of its interior so it had no guage cluster or anything. It looks like the Speedo cable is partially mechanical and partially electronic? Theres a cable that plugs into the tranny and end in the engine bay with a round thing that looks like a mini cruis control but it only has a plug onto the end of it. A friend says thats the speedo and that sensor plugs into the harness to go to the guage cluster. But the cluster on my 88SE is mechanical or the speedo cable is anyway. (BTW mine broke so thats why my atttention is brouaght to it.) does this mean I need to use the Z guage cluster?

Thanks for any help. I\'ll post pictures soon, but my camera was dead today so I got none of todays work.
Title: VG30ET Update
Post by: henge on 07:44:51 PM / 03-Oct-04
this is about the gauge cluster thing.. it might be that the Z31 had the digital cluster, in which case if would probably just be easier to find another speedo cable and use your stock SE cluster..
Title: VG30ET Update
Post by: mc on 07:16:15 AM / 05-Oct-04
.... can you take a side by side comparison picture of the two cross members??also post there measurements,thanks.
Title: VG30ET Update
Post by: JasterM5 on 11:08:01 AM / 05-Oct-04
When I get the one out of the S12 I will. Its my daily so I have to find the right time, and I\'m also prepping  the Z engine before it i take out the S12.