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ENGINE (OEM): CA18ET Tech / Re: Throttle position switch - CA18ET
« Last post by weitrhino on 04:21:31 PM / 24-Jan-20  »
For the CA20e at least, it depends on whether the transmission is auto or manual. The pigtail version is for auto trans but I've converted my 85 notch to manual and it appears to make no difference in operation.
Welcome Area / Re: It's been a long time, but Project SE Resurrection has begun!
« Last post by Max on 04:03:22 PM / 21-Jan-20  »
Looks good.  Post more pictures of the finished paint project when you get some.  I'm going to be painting my SE shortly as well... curious to see how yours turns out.
  The S12 runs pretty good now, and I've driven it around the neighborhood several times.  In the fall I got the wheels, tires and brakes sorted. All lights are now working.

Once winter set in I decided to go ahead and attack the sunburned paint on the roof and hood, then see about getting it registered in the spring.

Being the originalist that I am where the SE is concerned, I decided to refurb the original wheels.  After some experimentation, I settled on Dupli-Color HWP101 High Performance wheel coating as the best match for the original finish:

I also need to replace the old-and-busted steering wheel I had.  I wanted to preserve the 4-spoke aesthetic of the original '88 SE wheel, so I went with  this Classic-series from Grant:

On to paint.  I can't justify dumping a bunch of money into paint for the S12 at the moment, so rattle-can it is, with plenty of dry- and wet-sanding of the roof and hood and some blending into the sides,

I had a clearcoat mishap on the hood which led to me sanding down the passenger side and starting over.

It's not done yet, but it's getting close.

It's definitely rattle-can-in-the-garage quality, but it's a big improvement over what it was before:

I'm confident that, come springtime, I'll be back cruising in the SE.

Want to Sell - Parts / Re: Motorola L7 Slvr
« Last post by iceageg on 09:45:21 AM / 20-Jan-20  »
MMMmmmmm.  Brrraaaaiiiinnnnnssss.
Want to Sell - Parts / Re: Motorola L7 Slvr
« Last post by Wonderingraven on 09:31:09 AM / 20-Jan-20  »
Super old thread! 
Want to Sell - Parts / Re: Motorola L7 Slvr
« Last post by Alex Hales on 06:11:33 AM / 15-Jan-20  »
i have a lightly used L7 slvr cell phone i need to sell

i just got a new phone for christmas and id like to try to get some cash to tie up a few debts i have.

the phone is less than 2 months old, has bluetooth, uses Itunes, has video and photo camera "vga", is durable beyond belief, and if very clean, almost new

the only wear it has on it is 2 hairline scratches near the earpiece, hardly noticable. also, there is a bit of wear on the circular button, from texting

i have the home charger, and ill need to look for the usb hookup and the over-ear headphones (never used)

all you need to wrap the phone up is the mini-sd card, i had to use it for my new phone.

asking $160 shipped, U.S.

the phone is nerly $350 in store! this isnt a refurbished one btw....

taking offers!

A quality sound gadget is the one that meets your requirements without paying more for it.
Yes, just removed the switch, took the cover off the switch, cleaned contacts (I used skinny pieces of fine sand paper, cleaned it out) and reconnected with the cover still off. The switches for the headlights are on the first layer, luckily, so with the cover off I was able to figure out which of the "teeth" weren't making contact (service manual helped here too so I knew which contacts to clean and on what level)  and verify by pushing down on the teeth with something plastic. One of the "teeth" or accordions that wasn't making contact was slightly misaligned so had to be realigned. Once everything was working with the cover off I put everything back together and it's been working for 500 miles or so. I ordered a d21 switch that looks similar which I think I could’ve salvaged some bits off of to get the other switch working if corrosion was the issue and cleaning the contacts didn’t work but I’m just going to return it instead. Hope that helps.   
ENGINE (OEM): CA18ET Tech / Throttle position switch - CA18ET
« Last post by Shadow989 on 04:33:49 PM / 13-Jan-20  »
I have seen throttle position switch on CA18ET with connector jack on it and it has wires coming out of it with connector jack, and throttle position switch just with connector jack on it. Can someone tell me what is the difference between those?

Wanted to Buy / Hatch Louvers
« Last post by Steve Ulrich on 11:51:29 AM / 13-Jan-20  »
Ready to buy.

Shipping would be to 96002 USA

Electrical & Chassis Tech / Re: Where are the Relays?
« Last post by rednucleus on 08:07:23 PM / 08-Jan-20  »
I think they are mostly interchangeable so you can trade them around and see how it changes functions; don't know that the colors are too significant
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