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Not too bad for just my amateur, never-done-this-before ass and some rattlecans in my garage.

Now that she's on the road I hope to make further improvements over time.
Yes as long as you have an AC generator style speed sensor then this can work.
Im going to go to my buddy’s place here soon to get the board soldered together and talk to him to see what we should sell it for.
I will update as soon as possible.
I'm SR swapped but I believe the transmissions are the same so I'm interested.

How much would one cost?
Build Projects / Re: Project: Excalibur Prime - 1987 200sx SEv6...
« Last post by Wonderingraven on 02:33:41 PM / 03-Aug-20  »
I ran into a snag, the JWT CSC failed due to a bad internal gasket, upon repairing the whole thing just didn't go back together right and I ended up damaging more of the product than anything else.

They worked with me for over a week before I called and asked for a second one, they did some awesome price cutting and overnighted it for me as a big surprise.

Anyways transmission installed, clutch is all bleed and ready.

I ran into an new issue, stock ebrake will not work especially if I shift into 4 / 6 gears as it now interfears with 4/6  so I am going with an hydro ebrake setup since I am at the brake refresh project portion.

Chasebay BBE (Brake Booster Elimination) kit has been installed and is fiting perfectly, I am replacing alot of hardlines with braided lines all around
Pulled any ECU codes?
New updates.

Did Timing Belt and water pump+thermostat (stock temp), front main, and front cam seals, plugs +wires + dizzy cap and rotor like 2 months back.

Drove the car roughly 1k miles since, And it was doing great. Too good honestly. 28MPG first tank with AC on. Tanks on this last Trip where 27 (73MPH) and 36MPG return (67mph)

At the end of a 450 mile road trip where it functioned perfectly, it started doing this crap again about 3 miles from my house so badly that foot to the floor in 3rd gear it would slow down.

Engine takes FOREVER to warm up (like 15 minutes idle) It only reaches 1 bar into the operating range. Suspect timing is just too far advanced. I don't suspect that its a thermostat as its a new one.

Very low/rough idle when cold. Sometimes nearly stalls when clutching coming to a stop. Ocassional misfire at 40-50MPG in high gear at moderate acceleration. Cannot hear if its pinging.

Base Timing checks out perfectly at 4-5* BTDC. HOWEVER Vacuum advance at idle is about 22* again, instead of 14-16*. The lightest blip of the throttle pushes the advance i'm Guessing all the way to max (maybe 40* ?)

Will replace TVV and Update later today.
You cannot post pictures directly to this forum. Host the pictures at another site, like Imgur, and link them here.
Yeah no problem. I drew up a diagram. I havent a clue on how to post a picture of it to this site so guess i will work on figuring that out today.

****Update. I posted a picture. Will get a video going later.
I'm interested in a little more info or a demonstration/installation guide.
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