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Technical FAQ's/How-To / Re: How-To: SAFC-2 Install
« Last post by alundra on 05:11:03 PM / 23-Sep-22  »
the pinout for RB20E (SOHC) is the same for the CA18ET i got mine installed on my S12 CA18ET, running T28 turbo, and ka24 throttle body. it should work properly, your senser setting will be at Hotwire then Sensor 2.

Hi, I wanted to fit and set a safc 2 tomorrow. In the how-to it says Hot Wire 4(despite that there is mistake ca18det (hw7 on apexi manual) instead of ca18et and You said HW2. Which one is the correct value for a stock MAF, please? Thanks.
Build Projects / Re: Project: Fairlady Silvia - 1987 200sx SEv6...
« Last post by Wonderingraven on 05:35:17 PM / 10-Sep-22  »
as it is not bleeding storming or super hot today, I went out and found the wire that I've tapped into before when I converted the vg30 to carb.
the wire harness was pre-wired to a single wire for the ca18det conversion so the tach single was easy to go on.

Now I should be able to start timing / tuning it.
General Tech / Etihad airways office in Lahore
« Last post by jack romi on 12:38:06 AM / 07-Sep-22  »
Etihad is the second largest carrier in UAE, its headquarter is in Abu Dhabi, Khalifa city. To manage transportation well, it has set up its offices in various parts of the world. In case you are travelling from Lahore, Pakistan, the Etihad Airline Office In Lahore is the place you can visit for matters regarding your issues or queries in your reservation. The customer care helpline is open 24/7 and airline executives are available to attend calls but for customers who want to visit the office, office hours timings are given on the website.
Handling Tech / Re: Canuck Springs/KYB Shock Upgrade - Revisited
« Last post by surfer_atomico on 02:25:27 PM / 27-Aug-22  »
Since the Canuck website no longer exists ... What other similar options do we have?
Ca18et engine, that why I post in this section.
Do you have some hint or is just for curiosity?
What engine?
ENGINE (OEM): CA18ET Tech / Innovate MTX wiring and setting advice, please.
« Last post by alundra on 03:45:14 PM / 19-Aug-22  »

I've fitted a Innovate MTX wideband and I need some info, please.

it has got 2 analog output one yellow wire, analog output 0V = 7.35 AFR and 5V =22.39 AFR and one brown wire analog output 1.1V = 14 AFR and .1V =15

According to me I must wire the brown to the factory white 0² signal, the range seems strange and read that on net:

I know also that I can change the scale of the gauge reading like this pic found by google image:

Any advice because I haven't a 02 signal and it runs like in open loop and very rich. Do you know the factory voltage range for our 0² signal, please?

In advance, thanks.
Build Projects / Re: The story of my Silvia in my tiny little garage
« Last post by kelso840 on 06:21:43 PM / 15-Aug-22  »
I support your ghetto fab.
Build Projects / Re: The story of my Silvia in my tiny little garage
« Last post by CzechSilvia on 02:06:02 PM / 15-Aug-22  »
Installed the new radiator. I moved it back towards the engine to gain some space for the future intercooler and its piping. I know the brackets could use some paint to make the engine bay look less ghetto but I don't care enough about the looks at this stage.

Build Projects / Re: Remote mount turbo V6 project
« Last post by sideways_s12 on 02:39:15 PM / 10-Aug-22  »
oh ok...
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