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Build Projects / Re: My S12 Nostalgia Project, 12 Years in the Making
« Last post by JonB on Yesterday at 08:18:42 PM »
Cool on the vaca. Maine in a vanagan.

Keep up the good work on the S12. Theyre getting quite rare
Build Projects / Re: My S12 Nostalgia Project, 12 Years in the Making
« Last post by mikey on Yesterday at 03:11:33 PM »
Wow I've been horrible with updates this summer.  Here's the sparknotes:

I was able to get the car fully assembled.  The car has been running intermittently since I bought it though I was having a hard time diagnosing why.  While the car was running I did take it for a drive around the block, only to find out my reman steering rack leaked horrifically.  O'Reilly sent me a new one overnight at no charge, which was nice.  However by the time this rack was installed in the car, the car wouldn't run at all anymore.  I spent some time traveling over the summer and kind of let this fall to the back-burner.  A couple weeks back a friend came by and gave me a hand and we spent probably 6 hours in the engine bay checking everything.  We eventually narrowed this down to a faulty crank position sensor.  By some weird series of events, I had a spare in a crate upstairs from my S13 days.  This fixed the intermittent running issue, and I've since put about 300 miles on the car.

Since this point in time I've spent some time trying to diagnose a misfire at idle and on light throttle.  I've also spent a lot of time making small upgrades and just taking the time to clean the car up.  I'm really happy with how it's coming along.  What's crazy is every time I drive this thing it feels a little bit better.  Sitting for a few years really does some odd stuff to these old cars.  Gotta spend some time shaking off the dust to get all the components working properly again.

A couple quick pics from my vacation with the pup

And back to car stuff:

The horrible red lights that the PO installed everywhere..

The white LED improvement:

This glorious $90 MOMO that I love dearly

Now that the car actually ran and was road-worthy, it was time to throw a halfway decent SPAL fan on here to keep it cool for traffic use.

And then came more diagnosing of the misfire/hesitation..

And the never-ending clean-up project..

And the front main seal, that has started throwing oil pretty substantially...  As much as I want to put this off, I may actually have to address it sooner rather than later..

General Tech / Re: help with '87 hatch power widow motor
« Last post by dug on Yesterday at 01:51:53 PM »
That'd be great if you could dig that up. i dont have the car with me at the moment but i remember them being screws, could be wrong lol. Ill try to work with the glass to see if i can get it out that way next.
General Tech / Re: help with '87 hatch power widow motor
« Last post by JonB on 07:38:54 PM / 15-Sep-19  »
Been a long time. Are you sure theyre screws and not rivets?
Theres 10mm bolts that hold the glass in - if you pull the glass, can you then reach?

If requested, i maybe can dig up the fsm, and tell you exactly how its put together.
General Tech / help with '87 hatch power widow motor
« Last post by dug on 12:23:38 PM / 15-Sep-19  »
recently my power window motor went out on my hatch, so i ordered the part and started taking apart the door but i can't seem to figure out how you're supposed to take the old motor out. This is my first window motor replacement so it may just be something general i am missing but any help would be greatly appreciated!
My main issue is that the screws on the old motor are on the backside of it facing the window so there is no room to fit in a screwdriver or anything to take them out.
Handling Tech / Re: replacement front shock inserts?
« Last post by weitrhino on 03:17:13 PM / 03-Sep-19  »
My front shock replacement thread:
Build Projects / Re: 1986 XE S12 - Project Serenity
« Last post by Wonderingraven on 11:34:26 AM / 02-Sep-19  »
As the temp's start to cool the tail lights vanished again so I need to figure out the wiring issue.
I am pretty sure the wiring issue is near or around the battery,

a possible bad connection.
Build Projects / Re: Project: Excalibur Prime - 1987 200sx SEv6...
« Last post by Wonderingraven on 07:19:07 PM / 01-Sep-19  »
Well, I put the new heads on that I have and sad to say that some how it just stopped moving and it's acting like something is stuck trying to move the flywheel. It kinda sounds like the shaft to the starter is stuck open and stop working with it being engaged but I cannot see the starters connections to do so.  Car is also located on the street and trying to find  help to relocate it to the drive way is a pain at the moment.
Want to Sell - Cars / Re: 1987 200sx xe manuel
« Last post by Matthewa.3 on 01:13:57 AM / 01-Sep-19  »
Is 200sx still available?
Handling Tech / Re: replacement front shock inserts?
« Last post by CzechSilvia on 05:41:39 AM / 26-Aug-19  »
I thought our cars were 280zx front bits
They are, I don't know what I was thinking, sorry. The rear is the same as Z31, and the front is like 280zx
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