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Club-S12 Video / Re: All The S12 Videos!
« Last post by George Lambadas on 07:47:11 AM / 01-Sep-23  »
37 years of human slime

I'm getting married in 3 weeks and we're leaving the wedding in my S12. My fiancé has told me that she will not get into the car in her wedding dress without a professional cleaning... After seeing what came out of the seats, I can't blame her.
Club-S12 Video / Re: All The S12 Videos!
« Last post by George Lambadas on 07:38:49 AM / 28-Aug-23  »
I love how cars of this era (I say this only really knowing S12s) were seemingly built with the "yep, that works well enough" mindset!

The trunk cover has the same feel to it, with the big dent moulded into it to fit the rear wiper motor
Club-S12 Video / Re: All The S12 Videos!
« Last post by weitrhino on 10:35:37 PM / 27-Aug-23  »
Those are definitely the factory screws for the corner lamps.
Club-S12 Video / Re: All The S12 Videos!
« Last post by George Lambadas on 07:26:27 PM / 27-Aug-23  »
My car is a car again!

In this one, i tie up all the remaining loose ends and take the car on a 120km (~70mi) drive back home!

Also, here's a short one of the experience that was reinstalling my headlights
Build Projects / Re: 1986 XE S12 - Project Serenity
« Last post by CzechSilvia on 02:40:00 AM / 25-Aug-23  »
The state of my fuel tank was horroble as well when I got the car and it quickly killed the original fuel pump. There we deposita of what almost seemed like sand at the bottom of the tank. I had to have it refurbished and the inside coated in some epoxy stuff or something. It's been alright ever since
Build Projects / Re: 1986 XE S12 - Project Serenity
« Last post by Wonderingraven on 12:15:45 AM / 25-Aug-23  »
been dragging a bit but also storms preventing me from draining the gas and flush the tank. But just like the other s12 bad gas has somehow cause rust and some weird buildup out of nowhere.
Trying to restore this to be my daily again since I feel much more safe to drive to work.
Want to Sell - Parts / [AZ] CA20E engine head and other bits and bobs
« Last post by no jared on 08:41:08 PM / 17-Aug-23  »
I just pulled off the head to my engine and I'm trying to sell and give up what I can. It's an '85 manual engine I rebuilt then overheated on my way to California. Head isn't original to the engine or car and was rebuilt at the same time by professionals and not myself. The block is seized due to rust on the engine walls after I let it sit as coolant made it's way into the cylinders. Head gasket was blown. I'll give it up for $170 OBO. I'm not firm at all on the price so cordially let me know what you'd buy it for.
(Pictures as I get them I'm too lazy rn and it's raining as of posting this)

I've got other parts for sale I'll update what is gone. Currently everything that came with the engine originally is there in it's original quantities or more.

I have a ka24de from a 2000 frontier (the more complex swap but I hear it's possible) getting funds for that as I start college.
Club-S12 Video / Re: All The S12 Videos!
« Last post by George Lambadas on 11:29:36 AM / 17-Aug-23  »
The next video is ready!

I actually need some help with wiring my RPM gauge. In this video, you can watch me fail at it. In the youtube comments, you can tell me how it's done!
Dyno Slips, G-meter readings & Racing Results / Re: stock CA18ET at 10psi
« Last post by CzechSilvia on 10:51:42 AM / 08-Aug-23  »
No, I have deleted the pop off valve and as far as I know, it was supposed to open at around 10 psi
Awesome! It's crazy that this car is still putting that much to the wheels almost 40 years later without a rebuild.
Do you still have the pop off valve on the intake manifold? I don't know what that's set at pressure-wise, but it might be causing a boost leak that would leave you with even more power once plugged!
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