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General Tech / Re: Mk2 Front Lip Intallation
« Last post by weitrhino on Yesterday at 05:41:03 PM »
I'm thinking more about a lattice constructed from some light, flat steel attached to the bottom of the chassis.
General Tech / Re: Mk2 Front Lip Intallation
« Last post by BOSSMAN on Yesterday at 02:34:05 PM »
My two brackets are pretty well beaten up and I was going to make new ones from fiberglass but last night I thought maybe you could cap the back temporary and fill it with expandable foam as reinforcement?
ENGINE (OEM): VG30E Tech / Re: Fuel Pump Modification
« Last post by Jasmine Jungco on 09:46:04 PM / 20-Oct-20  »
You have even managed to make it understandable and peaceful to read.
You have some real writing talent.
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General Tech / Re: Mk2 Front Lip Intallation
« Last post by weitrhino on 06:44:48 PM / 20-Oct-20  »
I have one of those twisted L shaped side brackets in pretty good shape, the other less so but is probably usable. Good to hear confirmation that a heat gun will allow for straightening the wavy edge. Still, I'm going to have to fabricate something to force the lip to maintain its shape and stay put once subjected to wind. Still pondering all that.
General Tech / Re: Mk2 Front Lip Intallation
« Last post by BOSSMAN on 02:22:36 PM / 20-Oct-20  »
You should be able to straighten the lip with the heat gun.  I had a bad twisted due to it sitting on the ground too long at the wrecker yard and that's how I fixed it.  I sat it on a piece of plywood and clamped it down with 1x2s then heated it Gentilly.   I thought there are two L-shape metal brackets , one on the left and one on the right?  I was going to use fiberglass to reinforce the lip from behind but I never got that far.
General Tech / Mk2 Front Lip Intallation
« Last post by weitrhino on 10:52:25 AM / 20-Oct-20  »
I've had a Mk2 front lip taking up residence in my garage for nearly a year, so it must be time to start thinking about installing it on my Mk1 notch. First, it will need a good scrub before I shoot it with satin black spray paint. It does have a couple of small waves along the edge I think I can straighten out with a judicious application from my heat gun. Anyone had success doing the same?

Much of the hardware that came with the lip is a rusted and useless crumble but there was one long metal bar I've managed to clean up and repaint. I've had a quick fitting to see how it should attach and line up and I think it will look pretty good. My main concern is the dreaded 'sag' in the center. Does anyone have any pictures to share of a proper installation from the underside? Any pics of creative hardware used to keep it from sagging?
Want to Sell - Cars / Re: [UT] 1985 S12 Hatchback for sale. Asking $2000 USD.
« Last post by Nick C on 04:47:34 PM / 13-Oct-20  »
I purchased this car a few months back, its sold for those wondering
General Tech / Re: sunroof weatherstripping / seal
« Last post by Nick C on 04:46:02 PM / 13-Oct-20  »
I was able to make it work without cutting. Many many people complained about it being too long requiring cuts, and mine was too long as well, but I found that if you install the seal and move along from one end only, it would leave the slack which moves like a worm as you continue to install, however if you stop once you get to that slack, and start putting the seal on the glass on from both sides at the same time until it meets, it fits perfectly, I do not understand the logic behind it but it works. I also used a heat gun on low and rolled out the edges, I got advice from other members who said to use substantial amount of glass silicone and after my first failed attempt, putting more glue made the seal sit wayyyy more flush. Awesome guide, hopefully my tips can supplement this post.
Wanted to Buy / Re: WTB Complete car. Preferably Running. Texas
« Last post by JonB on 05:09:03 PM / 11-Oct-20  »
Did you try that search tempest  craigslist thing?

I got one up here, but the price is stupid, so im not even mentioning it.
Wanted to Buy / WTB Complete car. Preferably Running. Texas
« Last post by imakulate on 09:39:45 AM / 29-Sep-20  »
Im looking to buy an s12. Preferably in running condition but willing to entertain any options. I am not having much luck finding one locally. Had a 200sx hatch in high school, white exterior with the blue and orange interior. Loved the car but it suffered from a rusty fuel tank that eventually clogged up all the fuel lines and i lost her.

Im in San Antonio, Texas and am motivated to get an s12 soon so that I can work on it through the colder months and have her in great condition by next summer.

Any help in locating a car would be greatly appreciated. Im not afraid to put in the work but the closer to complete the better as my spare time is limited to saturdays really.

Thank you for your time and God bless!
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