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ENGINE (OEM): CA18ET Tech / Re: All the hoses...
« Last post by BOSSMAN on 02:49:40 PM / 18-Jan-21  »
Where are you getting parts for your S12 locally or do you order parts online?  It's getting harder here in North America to get parts from local parts stores so I can't imagine how members in other countries (other then Japan?) sources their parts.  There is a large online retailer in USA called Rockauto that I order parts from (I'm in Canada), I think they do ship international but I don't know what's the cost.  Like JonB said you can try bringing the old hoses to your local parts supplier for a match.
ENGINE (OEM): CA18ET Tech / Re: All the hoses...
« Last post by spec on 05:38:59 AM / 17-Jan-21  »
Thank you. I'm on the same approach, so yes, I assume that will be my solution, too.

Nissan dealers will be difficult, I'm from germany which means two things: a) Nissan dealers don't know the Silvia anymore b) Nissan's central warehouse for germany or maybe even europe (I'm not sure anymore) burned down back in the days, most of the spare parts like that are gone...

Well, we'll see. I hope I get her back on the road again this year!
ENGINE (OEM): CA18ET Tech / Re: All the hoses...
« Last post by JonB on 02:04:32 AM / 17-Jan-21  »
Im afraid I dont have an answer for you.

You could try nissan dealers. If that dosent work, you could maybe have the local autoparts store try to match them.

I figured id make most of the hose out of steel, and use just short flex sections if need be. And i also watched how silicone hoses are made. But luckily, im ok for now on this matter.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
ENGINE (OEM): CA18ET Tech / All the hoses...
« Last post by spec on 07:56:13 PM / 16-Jan-21  »

Does anyone here has a good supplier for all the water and air hoses around the engine? Mine are not in very good shape, I definitely need to replace them before they crack and ruin my car.

I've looked online, but only found a shop in japan, where I might could order some for their weight in gold or, well, nothing.

So has anyone an idea where I might get an entire kit?

Thanks guys!
It's been awhile since I posted any updates here, so here goes:
I've really been enjoying the SE since getting it going again over the summer.  I've taken it to a bunch of meets where, as expected, no one knows what the hell it is.  Here's some pics for you all:

After redoing the fender paint:

At Cars & Coffee:

New custom dash cover from

Current state of the engine bay:

And a couple nice shots to finish off the year:

Next on the list is a thorough going-over of the front suspension and steering.
Handling Tech / About to begin my front suspension refurb
« Last post by cls12vg30 on 02:51:52 PM / 15-Jan-21  »
My SE's been back on the road for almost six months now.  I've really only driven it to meets, but that's more than enough to know the handling is hosed, which isn't surprising.

Back in the day when I had my Canuck springs and MMR poly subframe bushings installed, the goofballs at the shop I used threw Gabriel struts on it, claiming the Konis I had given them wouldn't fit.  So yeah.

Anyway, I've been slowly building up parts for the front suspension/steering since the fall.  So far I've got:

1991 MR2 KYB Excel Strut cartridges
TRW Ball joints
TRW Tie Rod Ends
Moog Lower Control Arm Bushings
Experimental Engineering T/C Kit to replace tension rod forward bushings
Beck/Arnley Tie Rod / Steering Boots
Energy Suspension Poly Power Steering Rack bushings
Moog Polyurethane Stabilizer Bar Links
Moog Strut Bellows
Beck/Arnley Stablizer Bar Bushings

After the car sat for the better part of a decade I want to replace pretty much every bushing.  Did I forget any?  Any special tools I should look into (besides the spring compressors, obviously)?

Note that this is not a drift or race car, it's just a driver to enjoy and preserve.  I may try out some AutoX in the future, we'll see.
Drivetrain Tech / S14 trans in mark 2 manual
« Last post by Nathan Martin on 08:45:32 AM / 14-Jan-21  »
I have been searching for info regarding whether the s14 transmission is bolt in for a mark 2. I read the write-up regarding s13/14 transmission swaps and it was said for mark 1 manuals it would require a custom driveshaft and tranny mount, but from what I understand the mark 2 transmission is very similar to the s-13. So what could be done? I want to avoid the trans hybrid method because my s12 trans is hurting and i could use a fresh one.
Build Projects / Re: Project: Excalibur Prime - 1987 200sx SEv6...
« Last post by iceageg on 07:22:52 AM / 12-Jan-21  »
This is why this site is so much better than the Facebook page.  Thanks as always for documenting.
Build Projects / Re: Project: Excalibur Prime - 1987 200sx SEv6...
« Last post by Wonderingraven on 02:52:25 PM / 11-Jan-21  »
Just an FYI, when doing the starter z1 motorsports sells an N/A to turbo starter plate shim that is required if you are using the j30 auto bellhousing to z33 jimwolf mod. Something they didn't explain to you.
spent the weekend down to knowing the starter works, verification of the wiring is correct to turn the key and start. N/A starter will not turn an turbo flywheel with out the shim.
« Last post by Uriel Fuentes on 01:10:08 PM / 10-Jan-21  »
Looking to sell my Back Seats, I’ll find a way to upload the pictures. They’re really mint, just don’t want to keep them in my car if they’re not being sat on. Unsure of how to price these seats, hoping someone could help me with that.
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