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General Tech / 83 200sx parking brake cable
« Last post by chrismc410 on 11:53:53 PM / 17-Nov-18  »

I'm looking for 1980-1983 200sx parking brake cable.  I know the OEM is discontinued. Are there alternate parts or universal parts that will make it work?

Welcome Area / Re: New to S12 Club: Hi
« Last post by weitrhino on 09:04:38 AM / 15-Nov-18  »
A guy sure could have done a lot worse for a lot more. Welcome.
Wanted to Buy / Re: [IN] Headlight Stalk, Voice Button, Cluster
« Last post by weitrhino on 09:02:44 AM / 15-Nov-18  »
I believe I have an analog cluster in the garage. I've had several, sold some but I think I have another.
Wanted to Buy / Wtb: taillights hatchback
« Last post by tulen_puki on 09:36:32 AM / 14-Nov-18  »
Wtb: taillights, hatchback in good condition .. pm
Welcome Area / Re: New to S12 Club: Hi
« Last post by deucekazoo on 08:06:24 AM / 13-Nov-18  »
Car looks good and you got it at a great price. There are always car meets but I don't think I ever heard of just a S12 meet here. I know the guys from California get together all the time.
I believe I have the only S12 where I live which is central IL. I think there are a few running around in Chicago. So welcome and have fun working on it.
Welcome Area / Re: New to S12 Club: Hi
« Last post by CzechSilvia on 01:18:44 AM / 13-Nov-18  »
That looks like a lot of s12 for just $400. Looks great!
Welcome Area / New to S12 Club: Hi
« Last post by TheWanderer on 09:15:36 PM / 12-Nov-18  »
Hello all,

I'm new to the S12 Club and wanted to say hello. I found this 1987 Nissan 200SX on Craigslist for $400 and best decision I ever made, hopefully. Here goes my first project car! Just out of curiosity is there any meets that ever take place around midwest area?

Wanted to Buy / [IN] Headlight Stalk, Voice Button, Cluster
« Last post by kelso840 on 07:40:22 AM / 06-Nov-18  »
My light control knob started spinning freely and no longer turns on the headlights. Looking for a replacement.

I kinda broke the "Voice" switch right next to my handbrake. Looking for a replacement.

Also looking for a 4cyl analog cluster in case my digi can't be resurrected.

Want to Sell - Cars / Re: 1987 s12 v6 for sale
« Last post by panda s12 on 09:41:54 AM / 04-Nov-18  »
can you pm me a few photos or email me
ENGINE: Exotic Engine Swap Tech / Re: S12_rb20det_4wd
« Last post by CzechSilvia on 08:32:26 AM / 30-Oct-18  »
amazing, keep it up!
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