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ENGINE: KA24E/DE Tech / Re: Ka24e swap whit ca20e harnes
« Last post by Wonderingraven on 12:06:28 PM / 17-Jul-18  »
For nistune check with nistune website and / or customer support and your ecu # that is labled hugely on the ecu they should be able to help you with that since it is technically the same design as the z31 ecu's.
ENGINE: KA24E/DE Tech / Re: Ka24e swap whit ca20e harnes
« Last post by ANGELGSR on 11:56:52 AM / 17-Jul-18  »
Omg!! I din t know nistune, its an alsome tool, have you buy this tool for you ca18 ?

This tool re program The Ecu?

It works whit The car harnes?
following this is a good question.
ENGINE: KA24E/DE Tech / Re: Ka24e swap whit ca20e harnes
« Last post by Wonderingraven on 03:26:24 PM / 16-Jul-18  »
if you are going to attempt to do the wiring from ca20/ka24e motor, I highly recommend something a bit better than the current ECU software and the safc. 
even with changing the displacement the timing is going to be completely different with the software.This was a challenge when I attempted to utilize the ca18et stuff attempting to put it as an ca18e with the ca20e ecu. it kinda worked but timing was always off.

but this would be good grounds for Nistune though, if you want to go that route. You can load any maps and timing according to the engine setup.
or even better you can go megasquirt and just make a jumper to the current harness.
ENGINE: KA24E/DE Tech / Re: Ka24e swap whit ca20e harnes
« Last post by ANGELGSR on 01:33:42 PM / 16-Jul-18  »
I have a fuel pump walbro, apex safc and fuel regulator from my pass turbo proyect,

These items my help to resolve the problem?
ENGINE: KA24E/DE Tech / Re: Ka24e swap whit ca20e harnes
« Last post by CzechSilvia on 06:07:21 AM / 15-Jul-18  »
I think it might start if you wire it correctly but the ca20 ecu will be pissed off because the displacement will suddenly be 0.4 liters larger and the air fuel ratio will probably be a mess, but that's just my guess.
I'm slowly starting to gather information and parts for my CA18DET swap. A while back, there was a discussion in the shoutbox about S13 PS pumps being "high pressure" and S12 ones being "low pressure" resulting in overassisted steering when using S13 PS pump with S12 steering rack. I want to keep my S12 steering rack so that means keeping the low pressure system. I thought about using the S12 PS pump that's currently on the CA18ET but it's Mk1 with the v-belt pulley and I read somewhere that you can't fit a Mk1 PS pump with a S13 pulley because the spline is different, so my questions are:

1. Can I fit a Mk2 PS pump pulley on a Mk1 pump and if yes, is it going to fit the S13 CA18DET properly and will the pulleys line up?
2. Does a Mk2 PS pump fit S13 CA18DET?
3. What's the powersteering setup in your CA18DET swapped S12?
ENGINE: KA24E/DE Tech / Ka24e swap whit ca20e harnes
« Last post by ANGELGSR on 05:23:03 PM / 14-Jul-18  »
Hi all, i have a cuestion about if its posible to start a ka24e engine from a s13 whit The ca20e harnes and ecu from my old motor?

Have some one try somting like these before?

The tps from the s12 fits exacly in pleace in The ka24 and The oxigen sensor as whell, The primary coil from the ca20 Will give power two a ka24e distributior from a d21 pick up truck, and The gear box Will Be The same from the ca20 original engine, for mass airflow sensor i plane two use The one from the ca20 and pipes as well, The injerctor conector tis The only one that i Will change for The conectores from the s13 harness, and The oil pressure its The same from the 2 motors

What do you guys think?

Thks for your answers
Build Projects / Re: 86 Turbo Build
« Last post by kelso840 on 06:35:54 AM / 10-Jul-18  »
This thing came along quickly. Looking good.
Build Projects / Re: 86 Turbo Build
« Last post by babybrother3294 on 08:50:03 PM / 09-Jul-18  »
alright here we go

the stock springs next to the canucks

the spring on the strut cartridge

found out the front right shock bounces around in the cartridge a little... ill have to deal with that..soon..
heres the car lowered in the front, drag style

the rears were a lot easier to install, just put on spring compressor on and was able to po the old spring out, the new one was short enough that it was easy to put in without the compressor. I removed the bottom rubber bushing between the spring and the trailing arm cuz it was really old and pretty much crumbled apart anyway (and for that .05mm of low)

the finished install looks way better than stock

check out my friends photostream for the dump of unedited photos from the top of grizzly peak

fire <3

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