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Welcome Area / Re: New, from the Netherlands
« Last post by weitrhino on 01:11:23 PM / 20-Aug-21  »
Nice save!

This site has a wealth of information while most day to day activity has migrated to the facebook page. Overall we have a pretty good community of S12 enthusiasts. Welcome.
Welcome Area / Re: New, from the Netherlands
« Last post by kelso840 on 12:23:28 PM / 20-Aug-21  »
Awesome car! Welcome to the club!
Welcome Area / Re: New, from the Netherlands
« Last post by sideways_s12 on 11:49:10 PM / 19-Aug-21  »
Welcome! plenty of good info you just have to search around a bit!
Build Projects / Re: Project: Resurrection.
« Last post by sideways_s12 on 11:27:22 PM / 19-Aug-21  »
Oh I love the CA but I've always wanted to play with a V8...
Welcome Area / Re: New, from the Netherlands
« Last post by rednucleus on 09:26:25 PM / 19-Aug-21  »
Welcome to S12! That's a very clean looking car, congratulations.  Wish you had been her 5 years ago, was a much more active place for info.
Welcome Area / New, from the Netherlands
« Last post by DutchSunny on 07:56:50 PM / 19-Aug-21  »

Hello everyone! I'm David, 29 y/o artist from Holland.

A few months ago I got obsessed by getting an S12 and three weeks ago I picked one up in Germany!

The seller stated a loss of paperwork and not much info. So a bit unsure if I would be able to get plates in the Netherlands, but I was stubborn and couldn't let this one go!

Luckily I found important parts of the paperwork back, between the backseat while cleaning! It had to be like that!
She's from '84, originally had FJ20 but was swapped for CA18ET (with intercooler, boost control, straight pipe) Should have 180 HP. Has been sitting for 6 years and before she was used to race the 1/4 mile.

It got some work ofcourse: the ignition distributor isn't great, it was hard to start when I picked it up and back home it will not run (only for a bit on break cleaner)
Also, I don't hear the fuelpump buzz. Checked the relay, but I don't think it gets power... Furtermore she has some more electronical problem, although most things do work. Mirrors and rear lights were missing, I have mirrors installed ATM and the beatiful 6-pack USDM taillights are being shipped to me now (those are pretty rare here).  She doesn't have much rust luckily, also the black interior is in pretty good state!

I'm very motivated to get her driving and on plates! I've been working on my daily: an 1991 N13 hatchback for some years now and also got a driving-project Celica coupé from '86, but I'm still noob / beginner. I'm really surprised of the nice international scene and happy to be part of this great forum! I'm sure I'll learn a lot!


Build Projects / Re: Project: Resurrection.
« Last post by Max on 12:07:33 PM / 18-Aug-21  »
That's what I would do.  Enjoy your car in the meantime.  You might even like it so much you change your mind!
Build Projects / Re: Remote mount turbo V6 project
« Last post by sideways_s12 on 07:01:49 PM / 17-Aug-21  »
Glad you found the issue. Whats your suspension set-up ?
Build Projects / Re: Project: Resurrection.
« Last post by sideways_s12 on 06:55:35 PM / 17-Aug-21  »
Nothing wrong with the CA at all needs wiring done to get it running and probably a tune. I'll probably get it running and piece together the LS.
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