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Author Topic: Sr20det Crossover parts  (Read 7374 times)

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Sr20det Crossover parts
« on: 03:10:01 PM / 07-Aug-05 »
Exhaust Manifold Gasket \'91 Sentra SE-R w/SR20DE
T25 Turbo gaskets \'90-\'95 300ZX TT T25 gaskets (note turbo to O2 housing gasket dose not fit on S13 T25)
O2 sensor \'87 300ZX Turbo
Ignitor chip \'95 Q45
Fuel Injectors \'95 300ZX TT (purple plugs)
Fuel Injector Seals \'95 300ZXTT kit
MAF \'89-\'90 SOHC 240SX
Tranny rear main seal \'93 240sx
Slave cylinder \'93 240sx
T.O. bearing \'93 240sx
Pilot bearing \'93 240sx
Clutch 89 Nissan Maxima 240mm 9-7/16\" spline 24x1
Belts (PS, AC, alt) Gates K050370 Alt. K040345 PS & AC
Spark Plugs NGK BKR7ES11 or BKR6 (hoter plug)
Coil Packs \'90-\'95 300ZX or \'95 newer Maxima
S14 SR Oil Filter \'95 Sentra SE-R
S13 SR Oil Filter \'91 Sentra SE-R
Fuel filter \'90 300zx TT
Front and Rear main seal \'91 SE-R
TPS \'95 KA TPS will work with some soldering
Temp sensor S13 or S14 (depending on chassis not motor) KA24DE temp sensor
Thermostat \'91 Sentra SE-R
Radiator cap \'90 300zx TT (slightly more pressure for better cooling over stock cap)
Knock sensor \'95 240sx
Oil pressure sender \'95 240sx
The only parts you really need to get from Japan are the starter, alternator, water pump, and headgasket.

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Sr20det Crossover parts
« Reply #1 on: 12:16:49 PM / 19-Jan-07 »
doesn't the Primera have the SR from factory?
anyways, the primera is FWD

Edit: the Primera P10 and P11 has the SR20
« Last Edit: 12:27:05 PM / 19-Jan-07 by Silvia__FJ20 »
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Sr20det Crossover parts
« Reply #2 on: 04:17:50 PM / 08-Jul-09 »
Just to note; I beleive it is possible to use a DOHC KA24 alternator if you swap pullies and modify the tensioner bolt hole.  Also, I have read you can use a SOHC KA24 starter if you swap the head from an SR20DET starter.  These are only really helpful if you have already have broken SR alternator or starter.

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Re: Sr20det Crossover parts
« Reply #3 on: 05:34:03 PM / 21-Jan-11 »
What about wireharness?

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Re: Sr20det Crossover parts
« Reply #4 on: 07:37:55 PM / 10-Sep-12 »
Timing tensioner from 93 SE-R.
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