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Author Topic: Stock Fuel Pressure Spec's  (Read 1544 times)

Offline dustins12

Stock Fuel Pressure Spec's
« on: 05:12:22 PM / 20-Jun-21 »
Here is some info for the stock fuel system in the S12.

Fuel System Cut-Off Discharge Pressure: 64 PSI
Design Current: 4.7A
Fuel Flow w/ 12V: 25 Gallons (95LPH)
Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR): 36.3 PSI

Here's a little vacuum-to-pressure comparison that will help you see how pressure varies based on intake vacuum.

Vacuum(inHg)                      PSI
0.00                                      37.0
5.00                                      33.0 - 35.0
10.00                                   31.0 - 32.0
15.00                                    29.0 - 30.0
20.00                                    26.0 - 28.0

Hopefully this info helps someone in the future if they don't happen to own an FSM or are to lazy to look it up lol
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