How-To: SAFC-2 Install

Started by Johnnyfive, 01:25:44 AM / 13-Sep-05

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Okay, bart, arro, indy, draco, I need a meeting of the minds... My maf went out so I decided to upgrade b/c in about 2 months when my engine goes in I'll need one anyways.  I bought a maf from a 95 maxima it has 3 terminals on it.  Not only have I searched here and on nico to find which pin is for what but I searched the entire web!! nothing.  also instead of using 04 04 on the sensor selection what am I supposed to enter for that maf?! this is more rediculously difficult than i could possibly imagine. Somebody please help. even if you're not on the above list of s12 owners!!

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jim wolf technology has some writeups on switching the mass air sensors, to z32 or ford lightnings, the wire diagrams there tell what pin is for what. not sure on the selection for your air/fuel controler though, jim wolf there has been modifing nissans for many years so there website might be able to point you in the right direction
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damnit...i know i know. i had one at one point but i lost it. and they're all going for at least 100 bucks.  Maybe it'll just be broke down until i go to a junkyard.  When i was looking through the 85 s12 fsm I have come to find that there is no wiring diagram for the maf circuit.  there is only troubleshooting guides.  okay, so lets say i get a N62 maf from a z32 then does anyone have a wiring diagram or instructions on what wire goes where? on the ca18et: red=12v  green=ground black=ground white=signal out?

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okay, trashed the last idea, found some chick on ebay selling an N62 maf for buy it now 65 bucks. she had it listed as being for a I30  but put the full N62 part number and pics on the listing!! and here people are bidding on them for about 100. Dear Diary....JACKPOT!


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hey! i have all those wires u indicated on my safc except purple? ( knock sensor) its not even on my harness. can anyone clear this up for me?


I need to know if anybody knows if that pinout that he posted was for the 18et or det ecu



the n60 maxima mafs should work just fine for you. i run them on my turbo ka24e. best part is, theyre plentiful in the junkyard and a lot cheaper online than the n62 (which is only better than the n60 if you want like 500 hp lol)

you just need to go through the hotwire in/out numbers and figure out which set of numbers works best. took me a couple days to figure out with my car

some pairs of numbers will make your car idle good, but not rev good, and some will do the opposite, and most just dont work at all. but there will def be one pair of numbers that does the trick
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is it true i can use the r31 rb20et pin out for the ca18et or where can i get ca18et pin out. i do not see it on this forum

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nvm it is the same as the rb20et and install went alot easier then i thought it would now i have to tune

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All, Does anyone have the complete pinout from the ECU?  I have a CA18ET Project andthe harness we got does notcompletely match so we are having to splice wires.  If anyone has a FSM for a 1985 & 1986 scanned or electronic it would help tremendously!

the pinout for RB20E (SOHC) is the same for the CA18ET i got mine installed on my S12 CA18ET, running T28 turbo, and ka24 throttle body. it should work properly, your senser setting will be at Hotwire then Sensor 2.
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just a side note instead of using my tps sensor out put i wired it to a boost sensor and tuned using load instead of tps. as they are the same 0-5volts.


heith what boost sensor did you use, im thinking that might be a better setup for me with my super quick spool turbo.


i used one from a datsun turbo because it was laying around and was 0v at 7 inch of vacuum and and 5v at 7 psi.
i did this because was getting some lean spikes on the transition onto boost and it made it a little easier to tune.


Quote from: Feint S12 on 07:57:11 AM / 15-Sep-12
the pinout for RB20E (SOHC) is the same for the CA18ET i got mine installed on my S12 CA18ET, running T28 turbo, and ka24 throttle body. it should work properly, your senser setting will be at Hotwire then Sensor 2.

Hi, I wanted to fit and set a safc 2 tomorrow. In the how-to it says Hot Wire 4(despite that there is mistake ca18det (hw7 on apexi manual) instead of ca18et and You said HW2. Which one is the correct value for a stock MAF, please? Thanks.