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Author Topic: Downtime at work = modtime  (Read 453 times)

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Downtime at work = modtime
« on: 11:02:03 PM / 03-Jan-06 »
today at work were were fairly slow so i got to work on my car.  im still cleaning up my car after the swap.  here are some pics of what i got done today.  

i moved the clock down to where the good \'ol tape deck used to be to make room for some gauges.  first i had to make a plate for the clock.  i cut this out of 1/8\" aluminum, then powdercoated it.    [url][/a]

then i epoxied the plate in place and the attached the clock.

here it is in the car.  i also cut out a plate for the gauges and powered it as well.  

after that was done, i painted the coolant overflow and the windshield washer resovior to match the rest of my bay.  the white looked out of place.

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