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Author Topic: Hey Guys!!  (Read 468 times)

Offline Mark04

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Hey Guys!!
« on: 03:41:25 PM / 16-Jan-06 »
Hey Guys! Wuz up? long time no post. lol

Well, it seems I\'m about to get a Loan and Get the SR20DET Red Top, and Some new Suspension, and 3 Inch Exaust and Intake.
 that should be fun.
I\'m probably just gonna have to Create my Own body Kit with my friend Brad.
Seems Morrow baught an s13. ...oh well. lol
 Ummm,.....yeah, So, Any good tips for the SR20 would be wicked.
What\'s a good  Suspension? ... 12Kg Coils? ..]or....I dunno.

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