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Author Topic: Official Club T-Shirts  (Read 12580 times)

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Official Club T-Shirts
« Reply #40 on: 05:58:14 PM / 22-Jul-10 »
Quote from: Praizewood

Just stay out of acid rain lol

dood livs in cali! They dont call san deigo a whales vagina for nothing!

Dave Coleman for President of Earth!!!!
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Quote from: Kustamogen
  haha me modding would be a disaster.....Id get all power hungry and  demand n00dz from everyone. Then make all the canadian s12er's come here  and massage my feet and make me jello pudding.

Actually....mod powers plz?!?!?!  0:)

Tedious?  This coming from a person who uses the word twice in a sentence?  I laughed repeatedly...

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Official Club T-Shirts
« Reply #41 on: 07:36:24 PM / 22-Jul-10 »
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i has sweet coilovers and hoshinos, also my hood isnt pregnant with a supercharger baby.

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Official Club T-Shirts
« Reply #42 on: 12:15:05 PM / 23-Jul-10 »
XXL gray would be my preference.  Just too damn hot in Tejas for black T's till January.

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Re: Official Club T-Shirts
« Reply #43 on: 08:12:16 PM / 07-Nov-10 »
Make a white on with a notchontheback!!!!