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Author Topic: s12/ca18det 3 plugs issue  (Read 3585 times)

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s12/ca18det 3 plugs issue
« on: 11:04:11 AM / 25-May-15 »
Ok so i have read and read keith's wiring guide and I am still confused on what i do with the three pulgs. The wiring harnessi am using was previously modded so that it worked in a 240sx. Basically I am trying to figure out if I had the original 3 would i just plug them in to the existing or does it not plug into the s12 harness at all and i wire the "3 plugs" from the ca18det harness into the relays and call it a day. i know this seems dumb but when i swapped this motor into my s13 the wiring was super strait forward as opposed to the s12.
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never mind i am pretty sure i found my answer. Just ignore the plugs on the s12 harness completely
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