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Author Topic: NEED CONTENT FOR FJ20E/T FAQ  (Read 5726 times)

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« on: 05:01:40 AM / 20-Jun-06 »
okay kids, the FJ20E/T FAQ section is in need of more content.

Lets make a list of what the fj20e/t Frequently Asked Questions are.  If you see a question here you know the answer to, make a new thread and let us know, or point us in the direction of an old thread with the right info.  We'll review it, and if it's good enough, we'll throw it into the FAQ.  I'll add questions to the list below as the questions come in, and cross them off as we get more answers.

This section is very low traffic, but that doesn't mean we can't get content in there.
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« Reply #1 on: 10:19:33 AM / 04-Apr-08 »
Hi there US brother,
I have new info from my JDM contact: he has just launched a container to the US with some FJ20ET engines.  
You will find it on ebay over the next months.

Ps.: Unfortunately, I have only one engine left, but it is an expensive DR30 half cut.    
Street Legal - original Grand Prix with serial CA18DET engine, Cusco LSD, S13 arm, S13 Cusco coilovers, 5 lug hubs, 300ZX brake (280x30 mm) , 17" Volk Racing GTP wheels, 225+245/45ZR17.

Race Project - reproduce Grand Prix bodykit with tuned FJ20E+T engine, IC + OilCooler, Cusco LSD, S13 arm, S13 coilovers, 5 lug hubs, Brembo brakes (Evo caliper+350z disc), 17" lighting Volk Racing Wheels, Slicks.

I have more JDM parts: