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Author Topic: What Strut/dampers Are You Using?  (Read 1041 times)

Offline Wolf Dilworth

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What Strut/dampers Are You Using?
« on: 06:58:49 PM / 14-Jan-07 »

  I have been looking for this info on the forum, then, I figured I would just ask the list and see if we can come up with a single thread listing what most of us use.  Brand names/model type and part numbers are appreciated  you can include your spring info as well. A brief impression of your set-up's performance would be cool. I am mainly interested in OEM spring strut type set-ups.  I personally am setting-up my 1988 SE V6, for daily driver mode (read: slight drop, not more than 2 inches) and just want it to be fun. I am not a fan of Drifting (it is cool, just not my bag, baby.)  I am sure there are plenty of us out there who will want to know what others use for that as well.
I am going with:

MMR bushings Front and Rear

Canuck Springs

Undecided on Shock/Strut combo (probably Tokico)
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