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Author Topic: Ryan's Ca20e Notch  (Read 1963 times)

Offline ryan206

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Ryan's Ca20e Notch
« on: 04:04:26 PM / 29-Jul-07 »
I bought this car on July 19th, 2006

It was purchased from my friend Tony. At the time of buying, these were the problems

 - Missing Stereo Trim and mounting
 - Coolant leak
 - No door locks
 - Ripped Door Panels
 - Leaking Oil from Valve Cover
 - Cracked Windshield

So I bought it off him for $700. It had 112,000 Miles.

Here is everything I have done to it so far.

10-04-06 I Replaced the alternator.
11-13-06 Coolant Leak Repaired at Winston's Auto Repair
11-17-06 I accidently shorted out a fusible link, got replacement from Nissan.
12-09-06 Bought Stereo Mount Kit from CrutchField
01-01-07 Tuner Lugnuts Purchased on eBay
01-01-01 Diamond Cut H4 Headlights Purchased on eBay
01-01-01 Auz Cable for my Pioneer Deck purchased on eBay
01-02-07 Fuel Injector Holder Ordered from Nissan
01-17-07 Oil Change purchased from Schucks
03-20-07 Fuel Injectors Purchased Used (Didn't work)
04-01-07 Ground/Charge Kit purchased from CarAudioFoolery
04-26-07 Ashtray purchased used
04-27-07 Oil Change purchased from Schucks
06-10-07 Duralast Gold Battery purchased from AutoZone
06-21-07 Fuel Injectors (Set of 4) Purchased Brand New through eBay
06-26-07 Battery Terminals Purchased from Schucks
07-05-07 Alternator Belt purchased from AutoZone
07-24-07 Windshield Wipers purchased from AutoZone
08-02-07 Coolant purchased from AutoZone
08-06-07 Intake Manifold Gasket Repair at Winston's Auto Repair

I've had this car for a little over a year, and the odometer reads 114,5XX on 08-13-07

I also have a couple other things I don't have reciepts for such as

Stereo Trim
Power Door Locks
Valve Cover Gasket

I have big plans for this car, such as a new paint job, CA18DET and new suspension. I would like to get them done as soon as I can, but money has been an issue for me lately (being unemployeed sucks!)

Will update as progress is made

Some Pics

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Ryan's Ca20e Notch
« Reply #1 on: 01:06:32 AM / 19-Aug-08 »
Noticed this has no responses.  Nice car man, in a few days I have a ? for you regarding the CA20 injectors and the parts you replace when changing them out.
Sterling Picton