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Author Topic: Destitute *Now with more life :D*  (Read 12306 times)

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Re: Destitute *Now with more life :D*
« Reply #60 on: 01:55:35 AM / 29-Jan-13 »
I gotta love it wen you get that kind of reaction from a previous owner.
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Re: Destitute *Now with more life :D*
« Reply #61 on: 09:35:59 AM / 30-Dec-14 »
Wow, it is amazing how fast a year goes by. Figured i should try to update atleast one of my builds once a year hahaha. Black car needs a wash and wax, few rust blisters starting and some clear coat is faded at the wing so i will be sending the two cars off for bodywork in the next two years hopefully.
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Re: Destitute *Now with more life :D*
« Reply #62 on: 11:12:10 AM / 30-Dec-14 »
I'm glad you updated this thread as I had totally missed it.  Nice bit of health drama built into it but glad you're ok now.  The car is looking just terrific as well.