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Author Topic: SadNblue2  (Read 1247 times)

Offline JonB

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« on: 07:10:12 PM / 03-Mar-21 »
Ok. I'm gonna try a build thread here.

Not sure if I had one started on this car, or on the last car, but did a seach - nothing.

So new thread.

Heres an old pic of the car;

And heres where I'm at;

Maybe someone can mention how to resize a pic.

Pic 2 is the fj20 head back from the machine shop. I'm currently measuring the lash caps. Then I'll install the cams, feeler gauge, math, then order shims.

You can see the three small indentations in the lash cap. Thats where I rockwell stabbed it as I thought I may have to make them. But I think I can order them from performance shims AU.

I need to; lash caps, assemble motor, make reluctor wheel and hall mount, order megajolt, rebuild webers, make header, make air box, swap rad(make rad mounts), swap diff, swap out ca20.

I think thats a start to a build thread.

Oh, make exhaust, and install widband, tach, and mech OP gauge. And probably more.
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Offline JonB

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Re: SadNblue2
« Reply #1 on: 07:32:46 PM / 07-Mar-21 »
Here are the carbs, Weber 48 DCOE. Not to be confused with  DCO-SP. More like a 45 with a bigger throttle plate.

I started playing with milling my own venturis. Theyre not like the 45s, and I'm not sure if I can get OE ones.

I need to rebuild the carbs, which I'm starting off with all the jets and tune they came with originally. These are suspected to be formula atlantic carbs, that then spent some time on a cosworth vega, but the venturis and stuff they came with - not real cool.

I need to build an air box that allows for the air horns. All the filters are either sponge socks, or are designed to run no air horn. There are cool boxes out there, but I cant afford them.

Going has been slow. I'm afraid to spend money, and I've been kinda busy. I need to fire up my old PC, and run Pipemax to get a good header spec before I start to build that. Heck if I can remember half the specs on this motor.

Other parts;
91mm bore block just back

Kameari 11.3:1 piston

You can see the crank in the backround.

Spool rod

Thats the 4.11 H190 with clsd it that bag in the backround, and some laundry - oops.

I'll probably get up pics of the Ross balancer and Toda flywheel later in the build, as other stuff I'm sure.
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Re: SadNblue2
« Reply #2 on: 07:54:37 PM / 23-Dec-21 »
How'd you get a clsd for the h190?

Offline Max

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Re: SadNblue2
« Reply #3 on: 09:41:53 AM / 24-Dec-21 »
Awesome project. Give us an update!