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Author Topic: Vq35de Swap, Anyone Made An Attempt?  (Read 10210 times)


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Vq35de Swap, Anyone Made An Attempt?
« Reply #20 on: 10:02:18 AM / 28-Aug-10 »
Just wanted to warn everyone out tree about Andrew is an absolute piece of shit. Ive got a vq in my s14, the kit took about two months to get to me, the wiring is absolute crap and the ems he uses is hacked and shoddy. Doug at helped me overcome my problems that Andrew created. I haven't posted on this forum since I got rid of my s12 but I still watch my thread updates that are still going. All I can say is DO NOT USE VQSWAP.COM he will rip you off, treat you like shit, not send you all of the parts for just paid for for months, I never got my sway bar spacers, and the tranny bracket is terrible. I do however have said tranny bracket, aem ems with modded harness too and I will sell them to whoever wants them for next to nothing because they're worth nothing. Call zfever and talk to doug he'll help your ass out. Andrew will not. Also. For what it's worth. Don't buy the modded cross member, buy a cheap mig and learn how to weld. It's the better way to go. That's not what I did and I wish I had because the quality wasn't great. It was pretty bad. On a final note VQSWAP CAN EAT A DICK AND THEIR WORK IS TERRIBLE THEIR PEOPLE SKILLS WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO PUNCH BABIES HE MIGHT EVEN TELL YOU TO NOT TRY AND BUY ANYTHING FROM HIM CAUSE HE WON'T SELL IT TO YOU.  Just saying. That guy treated me like shit and his product was in fact shit. The end.
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Vq35de Swap, Anyone Made An Attempt?
« Reply #21 on: 11:21:01 AM / 28-Aug-10 »
lol doug is who i was referring to, he posted an offer to help anyone who needs it over on zilvia, and i think

i just planned to do the spacers in xmemeber and trans mount.
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Re: Vq35de Swap, Anyone Made An Attempt?
« Reply #22 on: 04:05:39 AM / 11-Oct-10 »

Does anyone have tried to fit VG30 gearbox to VQ35 engine? Wanted to know if it's possible to fit with spacer between or it's not possible at all?


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Re: Vq35de Swap, Anyone Made An Attempt?
« Reply #23 on: 05:20:45 PM / 06-May-11 »
They make an adapter plate for the z32 VG30DETT transmission for the VQ35DE
As far as this swap goes, it is far easier than it used to be thanks to UpRev, now you can delete all the nats/bcm/ipdm stuff out of the startup requirements. You can keep the DBW as now its only 1 additional plug to wire up to the harness, and well if you want to be able to hook it up to a laptop you will need a OBDII plut to be wired up too.
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