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Author Topic: Rhonda, The Longest 18det S12 Swap In The History Of The Club  (Read 11932 times)

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Rhonda, The Longest 18det S12 Swap In The History Of The Club
« Reply #20 on: 11:23:14 PM / 25-Aug-08 »
Quote from: IggyEGuana

Amazing to see that engine.

No coil-on-plug! Is that correct or modified at some point?

I wonder if that upper intake mani is the same as USDM fwd CA16/18DE?

Very strange port design. Different from JDM S13 8 port CA18DET.

Now I wonder if fwd CA16/18DE has the same strange 8 port.

Power steer pump on passenger side?

Very cool stuff.

IMO no FMIC here. Play to the strength of the short intake path and use water injection to cool the charge instead. Would b a shame to lose the fast spooling by installing a FMIC. FMIC ugly with side facing mani anyways.



power steering pump was on the passenger side when i got the engine...i removed it and i have no plans to go to powersteering. Also, it has a s13 18det head/intake manifold on it as i didnt want to mess with what was left of the 1st gen 18det wiring harness that was cut very closely to the head. Honestly guys, i have had jack shit for work this summer so no money has gone into the s12 in months. Its sad, but i am used to it been a really slow build. I might be starting work next week as a apprentice electrician, which means more cash...but i am contemplating saving up for a s13 coupe to daily around along with the 626. Also I plan on doing a build up on my touring bicycle this winter...but that wont cost more then a couple hundred bucks. Maybe if i can keep some money coming in I can get some stuff done on the car mid or late winter into early spring and have it running for gg....but i always try to have it running for gg and it always falls thru for some reason...go figure?

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  haha me modding would be a disaster.....Id get all power hungry and  demand n00dz from everyone. Then make all the canadian s12er's come here  and massage my feet and make me jello pudding.

Actually....mod powers plz?!?!?!  0:)

Tedious?  This coming from a person who uses the word twice in a sentence?  I laughed repeatedly...