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Author Topic: My Project S12  (Read 7540 times)

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My Project S12
« Reply #20 on: 08:56:49 PM / 07-Feb-08 »
I will have to look over your thread again and take a look at those wires, but here is a example of some stuff I loaded up to my photobucket site.  I have on loan a 'Mid-year 1986 Revision' manual, which has this stuff in it.  I took pics of it, bc I don't have a scanner up and running atm.

A how-to with pics of the actual harnesses, which plugs, etc is in the works.
Sterling Picton

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My Project S12
« Reply #21 on: 08:29:17 PM / 17-Feb-08 »
Nice thanks!

Didn't have time to work on it though...