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Author Topic: Doug's S12  (Read 14035 times)

Offline Doug

Doug's S12
« Reply #60 on: 05:43:52 PM / 06-Aug-08 »
Next is getting it running right, i havent even driven it because i want it to idle properly before i take it for a spin. I've been wracking my brain and searching the net nonstop to figure out what the hell could be wrong. In a few weeks i'm getting an oem sr20 MAF and injectors to see if that works but until then there shouldnt be anything wrong with my setup the way it is. Ill still keep searching. Over the winter i'm going to repaint the front bumper and remove the s13 bodyline that it has, i also am going to be looking into custom interior as i know how to fibreglass. Maybe also some weight reduction. Everything else on the car is as done as it will get lol.

Offline bluke1

Doug's S12
« Reply #61 on: 08:29:52 PM / 06-Aug-08 »
car looks great! love what youve done with it! what wheels are those?  i was thinking of getting some panasport knockoffs that didnt cost too much for my project car, and love the look of your wheels
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Offline Redneck

Doug's S12
« Reply #62 on: 09:33:43 PM / 06-Aug-08 »
Wow... Very nice build Doug. The flares and paint turned out great.
FIrst my rims are horrible, than there ok when painted black , now my cars horrible, now my fenders are to much after i was told i couldnt do it.... Lol club s12 ftw.....  Only here have Ive been told they look like shit..... SOrry its not bone stock with crown vic rims running the stock vg making 130whp and looks generic like every other one. My car looks dope ive been told this a billion times on local forums....

Offline 200sxkitcar

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Doug's S12
« Reply #63 on: 11:13:32 PM / 06-Aug-08 »
Super clean man, very nice!

Where did you get/ what is the gauge pod from?  Seems to work quite nicely...
Sterling Picton


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Doug's S12
« Reply #64 on: 07:47:41 AM / 07-Aug-08 »
great job

I want my SR20DET in my S12

or comes this support?

Offline Doug

Doug's S12
« Reply #65 on: 03:39:28 PM / 07-Aug-08 »
Thanks guys!

Bluke1: the wheels are Rota RB series 15x7 +25 up front and 15x8 +04 in the rear. They were really cheap. The least expensive rims as close to 0 offset as i could get.

200sxkitcar: The gauge pod is actually from an 90 240sx, i used a blowdryer to straighten it out a bit because it had a slight curve where our steering column is flat. It still didnt come out as straight as i wanted it to but as soon as i put the bolt through the center of the two pods if fit up nicely. the only issue is it doesnt quite come flush to the sides of the column but you cant tell unless you can manage to get your head behind the steering wheel lol