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Author Topic: Engine Management, So Confused  (Read 4179 times)

Offline Doug

Engine Management, So Confused
« Reply #20 on: 01:01:25 PM / 05-Mar-08 »
well i guess it is good to have room to improve with larger injectors, i wonder how hard it is to get 480cc for the s14/15

Offline gerrybg

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Engine Management, So Confused
« Reply #21 on: 04:40:42 PM / 05-Mar-08 »
s14 were still 370cc, s15 was 480cc. But I do agree re injectors, don't be half ass in this area as they are what keeps you alive, very short amount of detonation on high boost will kill you. I've got an s15 t28 and 550's. Works real well with plenty of room. The s15 480's are plenty though, I just happened to come across this set real cheap.

Also have to say I have a daughterboard in my 'stock' ECU and am very happy with the results. It was tuned by a reliable expert, with plenty of real time tuning and a dyno tune, (was very cheap I won't say the price as it was at special rates for me). The car has 190-195rwkw's, (plenty for me), and runs perfectly from idle to full throttle.(Also have the datascan tool I hook up to my laptop to do diagnosis etc)
Also has a neat switch box to switch between 4 different power maps. I also have an electronic boost controller works nicely, (I reckon the electronic boost control is an important part of the mix, those unreliable bleed type manual boost contollers are shite, spike will also kill you pretty quick).

I guess you've heard bad raps, due to the fact that maybe there are some people around doing this who aren't really any good at it and stuff it up. Also I can understand that if you want to go through stages of development and remap etc, the standalones are better. I didn't as I had all the parts I needed and had a figure in mind that I knew I would be happy to stick with.
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Engine Management, So Confused
« Reply #22 on: 08:42:20 PM / 05-Mar-08 »
You're right. S14 sr's did come with 370cc injectors only.
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