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Author Topic: My Beginning.........  (Read 1813 times)

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My Beginning.........
« on: 08:03:34 PM / 14-Apr-08 »
Ok, so I am new to the site and I figured I would start one of these here build a car threads..  lol

So, I got the car in barely running condition. PO was a complete moron.. I had to fix a boost leak thanks to the fine people from the board but it was still having issues.  I pulled it into my buddies garage today and noticed the muffler was rattling..  Crawled under it, and it was bad..  the muffler was toast..  first thought, cut that bi*tch off! then I pulled the cat..  it was just as bad..  hmmmm..  hone it out...  put it all back together for a nice stock looking straight pipe..  She now runs alot better, spools better and has a nice bubble sound to it..

I know it seems getto, but when you are broke.....

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Yea, turbo will scream again!!

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My Beginning.........
« Reply #1 on: 11:15:20 PM / 14-Apr-08 »
Woot, broke life FTW

Quote from: David B
wow. im horny. i dont know why. but i just figured id let you guys know. i really wanna bite someones bean. i mean. chomp on some ass
hahah Alex just pwned C-S12, w3rd.

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My Beginning.........
« Reply #2 on: 11:46:05 PM / 14-Apr-08 » has already been unanimously decided the majority of s12 owners are indeed poor. Welcome to the club.
FIrst my rims are horrible, than there ok when painted black , now my cars horrible, now my fenders are to much after i was told i couldnt do it.... Lol club s12 ftw.....  Only here have Ive been told they look like shit..... SOrry its not bone stock with crown vic rims running the stock vg making 130whp and looks generic like every other one. My car looks dope ive been told this a billion times on local forums....

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My Beginning.........
« Reply #3 on: 02:28:11 AM / 15-Apr-08 »
lol welcome to the world of shoulda, that would be cool, and some day