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Author Topic: My Build Thread  (Read 3258 times)

Offline Draconis

My Build Thread
« on: 10:45:24 PM / 06-May-08 »
Okay, I bought my car in April of 04.  It wasnt until 05 when I first started working on it.  It was actually Jan. 31st/Feb 1st 05 I swapped the interior.  My buddy has the cd with the pics on it.  I'll update this with them when I get them.  But the car looked like it was trashed then.  No passenger fender, no dash and no front seats.  It was great.  Such a friggin mess too.  Then later in the summer of 05 I did work to it.


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Offline Draconis

My Build Thread
« Reply #1 on: 11:00:41 PM / 06-May-08 »
Summer of 06

RB20DET swap... very superficial since it was went over in detail in the Hybrid forums.

Summer of 07
Before the swap in 07, TPR magazine asked me to have my car at their booth at Formula D Seattle
 - RS Performance logo designed by JB Graffix

Modding of RB20DET

Okay, this past summer I did another upgrade or attempted to before going to NorCal.  Yeah, it was not a good time.  Lots of stuff went down at the shop and due to that, I am no longer with the shop.  Unfortunately, no documentation was done.  The owner had pushed it off 2 months after it was to be started and I didnt have time off to be there to help or document.  So here are the pics at HIN in Seattle of 07 that showed the upgrades I did.

What you cant see that is between the front mount and the radiator is Flex-a-lite dual 12" fans.  I had a new set of Tomei cams put in, intake mani, powder coated, turbo mani, turbo, external wastegate, coilpack cover, Splitfire coilpacks and prolly some other stuff I'm forgetting.  I do not advice anyone to get this intake.  It looks great and all, but is a pain to get all the friggin fittings for all the vacuum lines.  Not fun trying to find all the various nipples needed and all the vacuum lines that fit factory specs.  There's got to be about 6 different sizes.  Not to mention, I had to redo the whole friggin power steering setup again due to the new intake with the top mount mani.

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Offline dangina

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My Build Thread
« Reply #2 on: 11:32:08 PM / 06-May-08 »
sweet ride dude...lovin it!
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My Build Thread
« Reply #3 on: 03:31:02 AM / 07-May-08 »
fucking awesome! nice work

Offline Nitro

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My Build Thread
« Reply #4 on: 01:38:35 PM / 07-May-08 »
From the time I joined here, I am sure that your car is one of the sweetest and cleanest built S12 out there! I love it - take care of it!

Offline Draconis

My Build Thread
« Reply #5 on: 07:39:09 PM / 07-May-08 »
Okay, I'll give you the fact that you said you were being an ass, but you dont make any sense to me.  I dont have fender skirts.... i have side skirts and they are factory... OEM that came on the SE/V6 models.  Nascar C.O.T.?  As in the Car Of Tomorrow?  I had to Google that to understand what that meant.  I dont follow Nascar... I'm more of a F1 and tack type of guy.  Ham sandwiches and the SUN ROOF late at night... Left field for me man.  As for gaining progress... It is a tuner's car.  The whole mind set is that of tuning and pushing the boundaries and seeing what can be made.  It's not gaining progress... LOL  That's funny.  For the past 3 years it's been nothing improvement.  Beyond what many have done or tried.  It's breaking ground and sharing with other members of a way to push a S12 to not only look good but perform well.  Able to show that a S12 can be on par and equal to all the S13s, S14s and all the other popular cars that both the media and the public know and focus on.  That is the way we are gonna show the mass public that our cars are worth the effort and attention every other car seems to enjoy.

Offline bluke1

My Build Thread
« Reply #6 on: 08:33:48 PM / 07-May-08 »
that car is WAY beautiful! if my streetcar project turns out half that nice then it will be a sucess! that car should be the background on the main page so visitors will know what the purpose of this forum really is! great job.
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My Build Thread
« Reply #7 on: 09:57:09 PM / 08-May-08 »
Awesome S12; super clean and wicked mods. Keep it up!

Offline The-Noach

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My Build Thread
« Reply #8 on: 02:56:30 AM / 28-May-08 »
Quote from: Draconis

I don't know how I missed this Thread!!!!  

Lol it does look familiar.... Except it wears a cowboy hat now haha  

Your car is sick!
I guess you decided to keep it maybe?
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