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Author Topic: Suspension Component Cataloguing For Success!  (Read 974 times)

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Suspension Component Cataloguing For Success!
« on: 09:48:48 AM / 16-May-08 »
Please sticky, as this is good universal info.

I am not doing all the work for you, but rather helping you guys out.

Every setup should be different. If you have graduated 6th grade you should be able to do the math.

Short strokes are NICE.

After lowering your car, find out what the STATIC RIDE HEIGHT is, by static ride height I mean where the car sits with operating weight minus the driver. Measure the shock itself and get it within 1/2"

Now use this catalogue to find "Length" that is closest to your settings.

We can use T1' and T2's if we make a spacer out of pvc lol Sounds ghetto but there is no load on these things side to side.

Factory 280zx (Our front suspensions), which is the cartridge inserts that I am going to cover.


Again, the above is our factory specs.

The stroke is the same as travel.

So you lowered your car. You need to shorten your shocks accordingly for the best ride.

The proper way to do this is called strut sectioning, which is physically modifying the housing to accommodate shorter struts. (Google that shit I am not spoon feeding
So without sectioning, you have to stay close to factory specs, yet going as short as needed.

You can go shorter on the tube housing, but no shorter than 1" from factory without sectioning. You will need very basic fab skills and tools.

If you are having trouble picking out something to suit your lowered car I can help.

We can use 240z strut cartidges I just found..(Part No. 73952) With  a little modification that is. They arent a huge improvement, but they have a shorter extended  length and a shorter stroke.
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