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Author Topic: Administrative Changes  (Read 1490 times)

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    • Administrative Changes
« on: 12:56:19 PM / 15-Jun-08 »
As many of you are aware, the administrators of the club (Tim and Travis) have both been very busy in their personal lives, and haven't had the time to attend to things here as they would like to. They have been helped by the Moderator Team, who has kept the peace, but there are still many things that only the admins can do, both in terms of maintenance and moderation.

Last month, Indecisive (Tim) contacted me privately, and asked if I would be interested in taking over the responsibility of administration for the club. Along with other details, the offer was put forth.

I have accepted control of, it's server account, promotional items, and other related workings. Tim wasn't able to finalize the changes until this weekend, which gave me enough time to plan ahead, and review the current state of things.

In this planning ahead, I chose two people to co-administrate the forum. Bart (bartc_j), who has been here from the beginning and even before that, and who was a moderator from the beginning, and who has from the beginning been a major influence on the performance limits of these cars... and Colin (Draconis), who has worked hard and come a long ways in his efforts to moderate this forum fairly and consistently, and who in his own right has taken his car to exotic state with his RB swap.

Both have a good head on their shoulders, and I am confident that they have the best interests of the forum community and the club as a whole.

Tim and Travis both will for the time have Admin status, but this is to sort out details of the change. Please to not ask them to make Admin decisions, as they are not obligated to do so, and it is my responsibility now.

While I am on the subject of the best interests of the forum, I am also announcing a new addition to the Moderators team. Julie has also come a long ways, and I feel she has the zeal and best interest in the welfare of the club that is necessary to moderate the forum content. She also is a regular contributor to technical discussions about S12's, so she has plenty to offer this forum. I have discussed moderator status with her during the change of ownership, and I feel she will be a good fit for the task. We need another "active" moderator, and this is good timing for her new responsibility.

While I am on the subject of moderators, let me say this: Not every moderator is directly responsible for taking actions in the forum, but other moderators contribute to the Moderator Team by way of input in our Moderators forum section. This is essential in coming to a fair decision on more serious issues, and also helps us to spot issues quicker. I consider the value of a moderator based on both actions and opinions, and we would be lost in egotism without the guidance of the more reserved moderators, who prefer to comment while others prefer to take the action. I value both roles in the Moderator Team.

That covers the ownership and staff changes, and I want to mention the scope of the club and the forum. At this time, there will be NO CHANGES to the forum. NONE. This is because for the most part, IT WORKS. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

We may make *minor* changes in the future, mostly to streamline things as needs change, but PLEASE, DO NOT SEND ME EMAILS WITH SUGGESTIONS. That is what the "Feedback and Suggestions" forum section is for, so PLEASE try to use it first instead of privately contacting myself or the other admins/moderators with suggestions.

As you have all probably seen, moderation has been stricter in the recent months. This will not change. It won't be any tougher or any weaker than it has been. I won't tolerate excessive or sudden and uncalled-for drama on this forum. Should it happen, it will be dealt with as it has been. Should you end up in the "penalty box" for whatever reason, we are more than willing to discuss it and resolve the issue, as we have done in the past. We will always try to find a resolution to all conflicts *when possible*, but that will always be up to the person with the issue of course.

I want to conclude with the extras... we would like to promote the club more, and work on more promotional items, but we need to sort through all the details in the process of the changing of the guard, so be patient everyone, we'll be doing some cool things that haven't been done before

Well, that about covers it. For now!

-Jason (Arro) Administrator
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