Blowby and oil/coolant leak after rebuild

Started by alundra, 07:04:40 AM / 02-Oct-22

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I rebuild the engine, cylinder head skimmed and controlled under pressure, new valve seals, new rings, new pcv and all gaskets new (specially a OEM Nissan cylinder gaskets and bolts). All seal perfectly. After 500kms and an oil flush (I was on low boost and 3500 rpm), I have an oil leak from cylinder head gasket exhaust side after 50kms only. I'm running a T3 (was new) with e85 and larger injectors and many other mods at 12 psi.

Seems I'm building too much pressure on the crankcase and it start to smoke white on the exhaust at idle. No overheating no coolant consumption (perhaps to minimal to be seen).

I'd like to know how have you managed to go on high boost or power on this engine. Did you delete the PCV? Perhaps the PCV can't stand so much pressure and realease the pressure in the air/oil separator.

I'll take any advice. I'm going to check the turbo, compressions and pcv.



I don't have the CA18et but white smoke pretty much means coolant is getting into a cylinder. Oil would be blue smoke. 50km is not much history to work with but you can always tell if coolant is getting into the oil if the oil filler cap get covered in cream.


Hi, thanks for the reply.

No cream on oil filler and radiator cap, I use an endoscope and I clearly saw oil and coolant.