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Author Topic: Automatic Transmission Is Starting To Act Funny.  (Read 1085 times)

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Automatic Transmission Is Starting To Act Funny.
« on: 10:16:56 PM / 21-Jul-08 »
so an immediate tune-up after buying the car fixed my power loss issue. a month and a half later, it's time for round two!

the transmission won't shift out of 1st until it hits almost 4000 rpm, and it won't go into 2nd or 3rd until 4000, no matter how light i'm on the gas. when it does finally shift, it shifts VERY hard. the car like jumps, kinda. it's not SLIPPING though. it just shifts late and hard. and it won't even shift into final or the overdrive gear or whatever at all until the coolant temp gauge is about halfway up.

the car also idles high in park now. not while driving, just in park. and it shifts into reverse very hard when it's cold, and not as hard when it's warm but still harder than it did before.

this all started happening at the same time a few days ago. any help? this is my daily driver and i really need it to be running well when i need to go out of the city or move shit. especially since my bicycle is out of commission right now (the rear hub busted on my way to work the other day).

thanks in advance.

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Automatic Transmission Is Starting To Act Funny.
« Reply #1 on: 10:28:01 PM / 21-Jul-08 »
well since you have a automatic, check your auto trans fluid, it may be low or leaking. i had this problem before, not in a nissan, but still the same thing, the auto trans usealy has a cooler that is in the radiator, the lines to it leaked, and the auto trans didn't like to shift uphill, or it would act funny wile just cruseing
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Automatic Transmission Is Starting To Act Funny.
« Reply #2 on: 06:18:36 AM / 22-Jul-08 »
awesome. i was hoping it may have been something that simple. i have so much shit going on that i really don't have the time to mess with the thing. i have not noticed any puddles but maybe it's just too gradual. i'll check the fluid before i go to work today and i'll post the result later.

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Automatic Transmission Is Starting To Act Funny.
« Reply #3 on: 06:23:46 PM / 22-Jul-08 »
Check the throttle sensor, its the extra plug hanging out of the TPS, you will eed to use a Multi meter to check the Values, Refer to the FSM for correct values for idle and Wide open throttle as this sensor controls upshift and line pressure for the transmission.

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Automatic Transmission Is Starting To Act Funny.
« Reply #4 on: 09:46:46 PM / 22-Jul-08 »
Also, check to make sure that the vacuum line that goes down to the trans (large line coming off of the check valve on the firewall down to the trans) is not broken or cracked, slipped off, etc. because if it did, its automatically registering zero vacuum IE full throttle, hence your high rpm shifts.

The delayed shift up into overdrive until warm is typical, thats how the system usually functions.
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Automatic Transmission Is Starting To Act Funny.
« Reply #5 on: 12:46:34 PM / 23-Jul-08 »
In an automatic transmission, you need to check the fluid when its hot and running.  The fluid expands when its hot and the hashed marks on the dipstick are calculated fluid levels with the car running.  So to get an accurate reading, don't check it before you go to work.  Rather check it when you get home from work when the car is still hot.
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Automatic Transmission Is Starting To Act Funny.
« Reply #6 on: 12:53:00 PM / 23-Jul-08 »
Sounds like fluid is low. Autos need centrifugal force to shit, fluid is the weight that is spun to determine this. The lower the fluid the faster it has to spin to make the needed weight to tell the trans. what to do. If your level is normal flush the transmission and replace with the right fluid type. Autos can act funny with the wrong type of fluid.

shit = shift by the way. lol
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Automatic Transmission Is Starting To Act Funny.
« Reply #7 on: 05:42:34 PM / 23-Jul-08 »
Im with 200kitcar, check the governor on the tranny. that tranny is a mech. valve body. you should have a detent cable and a vacuum hose going to the tranny. I would check for vacuum on that hose. If you have vacuum, it may be the governor itself.