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Author Topic: Rear End/differential Variations  (Read 37799 times)

Offline henge

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Re: Rear End/differential Variations
« Reply #60 on: 04:48:31 PM / 26-May-14 »
Sorry to bring up an old thread. Was just doing some searching as I am going to attempt to put a vlsd in my R200 and make custom axles (as others have mentioned previously), and I came across this page. It's for a Z31, but since it's all so similar I felt it was worth sharing!

Offline vern_k

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Re: Rear End/differential Variations
« Reply #61 on: 01:46:41 PM / 04-Dec-15 »
does anyone have a input companion flange from a longnose R200 laying around that they could take some measurements for me????