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Started by Morgoth, 11:05:44 PM / 18-Sep-08

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I'm slowly putting a 200sx SE I bought back onto the road. In the process I discovered a problem with my alternator. So When I pulled it off I discovered that the plug was all kinds of not right. As in there was only one white wiring going into the two hole plugs and it came out with a light tug.

So my question is: What wires go where on the alternator? I have like 4 wires. 1 Black. 1 thin white/red((I think its a red stripe.)) & 2 plane white ones. I figure the black one is a ground and gets bolted on to the bolt, but the other three wires? Can either of the plane white ones go to either side of plug?

P.S. I looked in my Chilton, and it didn't show me anything to do with the alternator  wiring, or at least I couldn't find it in there.
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Take some pics man, its really necessary, because there are different setups.

The decent sized black wire is usually the ground.

The small red/white wire is the low voltage idiot light on the dash.

The other two white wires, the larger one goes to the insulated stud on the back of the alternator (pos power to the battery) and the smaller one goes into the connector with the small red/white wire.  This smaller wire provides power to the alternator's field and internal voltage regulator.  It is important, that two wire connector, where the small white/red wire and the plain white wire go, so you'll need someone to take a pic of the connector in their car or try and find the info on the web somewhere.  If you ask Xano, he has an 88 FSM with the V6 stuff, there should be a page in the Electrical section under 'Charging' that has the diagram you need, ask him nicely to take a pic of it

But please try and get some pics up of your own stuff, it might help with ID'ing everything 100%.
Sterling Picton