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Author Topic: Wanted To Buy Section Rules  (Read 3816 times)

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Wanted To Buy Section Rules
« on: 09:34:50 AM / 26-Dec-08 »

Club-S12 does not take any responsibility for transactions gone awry. It is the onus of each individual to protect himself/herself from fraud.

The Club-S12 staff will co-operate with any authorities/members that have been a victim of fraud to the full extent of the law. Club-S12 is not obligated to helping you track down and rectify the situation, or being a mediator between the two (or more) parties involved.

By posting within this section, you agree to these terms.

~Club-S12 Staff

If any of the following rules are not met, your thread will closed/deleted, and you will be given the appropriate warning. With the warning, we will state what rule you have violated.

Rule #1: You must check the Wanted to Sell forum first before posting. The item you are looking for just may be for sale! It also prevents wasting valuable forum space!

Rule #2: Be descriptive as you can about the item you are looking for. If necessary include the year and model of S12.

Rule #3: This site is about the S12 as it relates to the S12 series of cars that Nissan made during 1984-88. Please keep that in mind when posting items for sale. We don't mind the odd video game console or what have you, but if you continue to frequently post items for sale that are not in some way S12 can expect to find your posts deleted and/or other repercussions.

Rule #4: Do NOT continuously bump your own thread. All bumps must be at least 24 Hours after your last post. If there has been a question asked, or a remark made in terms of the sale, you may make a comment, but a post for the sake of bumping must come at least 24 hours after your last post.

Rule #5: The Club-s12 staff at anytime may modify the above rules without consent of its members. All members are expected to adhere to such rules, and the proper order will be followed for disciplining members who do not follow such rules. If you believe your post has been locked/deleted for reasons believed to be unfair, you have the right to protest this decision with ANY member of the moderation team. No bias will be taken, and your request will be handled in a suitable manner.
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