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Author Topic: Test Fit Gone Wrong  (Read 970 times)

Offline DatsmO

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Test Fit Gone Wrong
« on: 09:15:36 AM / 15-Jan-09 »
ok so i was putting in my sr20det and my trani bolts right up no problems, but the motor is hitting the fire wall and i still have to be about an inch back to fit on the mounts. did any one elts have this problem on their install? im thinking of sloting the motor mount brakets on the motor so it can slide back to where i need it. good or bad idea?

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Offline TalkingGoats

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Test Fit Gone Wrong
« Reply #1 on: 09:36:33 AM / 15-Jan-09 »
Cut and weld the brackets to be safe.
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Offline nismo200sx16

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Test Fit Gone Wrong
« Reply #2 on: 03:28:57 PM / 15-Jan-09 »
yeah . bolt on the motor mounts and mod the trans mount.