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Author Topic: Silversilvias12 +1  (Read 828 times)

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Silversilvias12 +1
« on: 09:16:22 PM / 21-Feb-09 »
Feedback for: SilversilviaS12
My position in the transaction: Seller
Feedback Rating: +1
Paid with: Paypal/Cash

sold him some body parts to repair his car, but had a shipping complication so he came and got them. easy to deal with and highly recommended

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"like people, every car possesses a unique character, with its own DNA, talents, and idiosyncrasies. push it too hard and it'll turn on you, as a person would. if its worth anything, it gets more interesting the more you get to know it"

luck is earned through hard work and determination, not to mention the willingness to take risks and to see bad luck and setbacks as opportunities for growth and a new direction.