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Author Topic: Iggy's Det On The Dyno  (Read 17401 times)

Offline IggyEGuana

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Iggy's Det On The Dyno
« Reply #40 on: 09:55:46 PM / 02-Mar-09 »
It's all good.  Check out this >> << its the "Water/Methanol Injection, Nitrous & Intercooler Cooling" forum on NASIOC.  These guys know whats up.  Most of us arent going to tune so close to the ragged edge as a lot of them but the knowledge they've gained by doing so is invalueable.

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Iggy's Det On The Dyno
« Reply #41 on: 07:36:46 PM / 03-Mar-09 »
Oh yea, I've used that for some info when I was setting up my system.
Mostly for nozzle size, pump, fluid mix, etc.
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Iggy's Det On The Dyno
« Reply #42 on: 10:08:34 AM / 24-Mar-09 »
IggyEGuana : 202 hp is very good mate !

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