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Author Topic: S12 Ka24e First Time Drag Racing  (Read 11096 times)

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S12 Ka24e First Time Drag Racing
« Reply #20 on: 07:49:09 PM / 31-May-09 »
i'm gonna say somewhere in the 16's in the quarter mile based on your readings.

definately need to work on the launch tho. Gettin your 60' time around 2.2 is something to aim for..and uh..need to work on the hand/eye/foot coordination, the R/T is a bit off.

Finding the launch RPM is a Trick. My vg was good at around 2200 rpm. anything higher, and it would light the tires up (even with trackbite!!), anything lower, and it would bog out (due to the crappy running at the time).

Wheel Hop was TERRIBLE for me. bang bang bang.

Good luck man. practice the launches.