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Author Topic: Wanted To Sell Section Rules Have Been Updated  (Read 1507 times)

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Wanted To Sell Section Rules Have Been Updated
« on: 07:43:28 PM / 17-May-09 »
I bumped the rules after #2, so that #3 could be updated.

Rule #3 now reflects that it is illegal to post offer amounts in a for sale thread where the seller has specified "or best offer". If you have a best offer, it must be submitted in private.

Please review the rules as they have changed. Failure to follow rule #3 will result in a warning issued, or possibly a temporary ban on posting, depending on frequency.

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Wanted To Sell Section Rules Have Been Updated
« Reply #1 on: 07:47:17 PM / 17-May-09 »
I think this will solve the issue of people getting pissed about this kind of thing.  I was wondering when some type of rule relating to OBO type things was gonna pop up after tonight.

Personally I send em as PM's ANYWAYS generally, even if Its not an OBO thing or anything.  I'd rather people not see my dealings besides the persons who are doing the deal.  After its done I dont care though haha.
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